Thursday, 27 November 2008


These fraudsters can really get their knickers in a twist sometimes.

I mean, here is a direct quote from the blag, sorry blog, of Mr. Jim McCormick of ATSC:

"The equipment does NOT rely on smell and there are MANY 'other-types' of equipment that function on principals other than this alone."

That'll be 'principles' Jim!

Well, apart from the last bit of the sentence not making much sense (when does he ever!), here's a quote from ProSec in the Lebanon, who sell the ADE (Advanced Dung Equipment) for him:

"ADE–651 PORTABLE EXPLOSIVE DETECTOR. This equipment detects traces of both particulates and vapors......".
Now, despite appearances to the contrary, I am no Einstein, but blow me down if Jim isn't saying it doesn't work by smell, and Prosec say it does. Shome mishtake shurely?

Oh, and just to make sure we really understand, we have this brilliant contradiction as well:

Jim, he say:

'electrostatic ion attraction'

PROSEC, they say:

'The working principal is based on electrochemical (Thermo-Redox) detection'

I say shit, you say shite, let's call the whole thing off!