Wednesday, 14 January 2009


Hi Folks, or should I say Volks, because I am taking you on a little trip to Deutschland to visit Mr. David Vollmar.

Here Mr. Vollmar responds to my questions as to why he is still selling this garbage they still have the cheek to call SNIFFEX, even after SNIFFEX in the U.S. collapsed due to their fraudulent claims.

Take it away Mr. Vollmar...oh, sorry, before you do I just thought I would bring you the latest pictures of our friends, Mr. Jim McCormick, Mr Gary Bolton, Mr Simon Sherrard, and Mr David Vollmar. A bunch of skunks rooting around for more smelly sales!
Thank you for your email but you are terribly wrong because not SNIFFEX is a fraud but the people, who were running the SNIFFEX Inc. company have misused the device for stock manipulation (this is my personal opinion) and thus have created a terrible reputation for a really powerful device that is being blamed ever since then.

We took over distribution from the inventor and manufacturer TASC Ltd. 2006 for the European Market and since 1.1.2009 we are the worldwide exclusive distributor.

Since then we have sold a lot of devices to governmental organizations, security companies around the globe, who all thought that SNIFFEX is a fraud but who changed their opinion after we succeeded in personal demonstrations and tests. Since 2006 we have completed more than 100 tests to official organizations and we have since then not had one single test that failed but all showed great results with detection rates of +75% for common explosives from distances from 2-100 meters (show me any other device that can do this!).

If you look at the videos in you tube showing Paul Johnson or other SNIFFEX Inc. personnel you understand that they have no clue what they are doing – and that is a shame indeed and I blame them for this! They have really made our life very difficult and we had to work very hard to correct this image!

In addition the device has been refined since then significantly. Today we are selling SNIFFEX®Plus, which is the latest generation that works much better than devices from the first generation.

I have attached the current brochure for your information.

I don’t know, who Jim McCormick is but I am happy to talk to him and to try to support him best possible. I also don’t know what personal damage you have experienced, I am sorry for this but we are not to blame!

SNIFFEX®Plus is no fraud and we can prove it – we have numerous recommendations and test report from official organizations that are using the device and are very happy about the device.

We are willing to participate in any type of test to proof the capabilities of the device – no problem but I cannot accept, to be insulted or threatened from you. So let’s keep it on a professional level, please!

My coordinates are as below, I am available for any kind of professional conversation at any time.

Best regards from Germany
David Vollmar
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