Tuesday, 4 August 2009


The interesting parallels between Jim McCormick of ADE 651 infamy and David Vollmar of SNIFFEX notoriety.

What might those be I hear you all shout. Well, mainly that both have been rattling on for Months now about how they are intending to have proper testing done on their magic detector devices.

And guess what? That's right folks. Still no sign of proper testing, although we did receive the generous suggestion that we should take a demo of SNIFFEX at an exhibition seriously. HO, bloody ho. I don't think so, but thanks for the thought anyway David. Made me laugh.

As for Jim, you may recall he claimed that double blind testing would not work for the ADE. Mate, you got it the wrong way around. Your dodgy ADE 651 device would not work in double blind testing. You got it muddled up as usual.

Anyway, we wait on, and on and bloody on for proper testing. Will it be initiated by the companies involved. We'd bet not.