Friday, 17 September 2010



For your delight I am publishing a picture from an article in a Romanian newspaper questioning the goings on between Big Jim McCormick and the fine folks at Miratel. Jim's the one with the big grin and the double chin, second from right. Nice looking man ain't he?

This article was published thanks to the efforts of Techowiz so respect for his ongoing sterling efforts to get Jim and his lowdowndirtyscum allies.

We have it on good authority that Jims relationships with his tame retired Lebanese General Pierre Hadji Georgiou (Right of picture) at Prosec, and with Stelian (Second left of picture) and the boys and girls at Mira Telecom are becoming a bit strained under the influence of our onslaught. Whoopee! We are pretty sure that the dodgy ex General was the conduit for the Iraqi deals, so he's got blood on his hands as well. Funny the lack of camraderie between military men!

We did of course email Stelian and his mates at Mira Telecom to warn them they had a slippery one on their hands with Jim, but they threatened to sue us (no sign of the paperwork yet boys!! HA HA) and claim they are a respectable company. Even more HA bloody HA!!

Still on the case Jim, Gary etc etc. Nowhere to run to, nowhere to hide. Your detectors can't find a damn thing, but we can damn well find you.

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