Monday, 8 November 2010


This is how I would like to see Jim McCormick, Gary Bolton, David Vollmar, and the others involved in this sorry saga!

That includes the corrupt buyers!

However, if that is not to be then perhaps the best we can hope for is what a professional has called for:

"I'm finding it harder and harder to see any humor in this," Lt. Col. Dennis Yates, who was among the device's critics when he last served in Baghdad in 2008. "This piece of junk did, in fact, significantly contribute to an unknown - and pathetically large - loss of innocent lives. The guy who bought it should rot in one of the stinking jails that dot Baghdad."

From the Washington Post:

More great coverage for the cause!! Won't be long before you're where you should be Jim, Gary, David et al. Your scams are nearing their bitter end. Think of all those blown up people you claimed you could save!

OOOOH. I just can't wait. Would love to see the look on your faces as some hardened criminal type shafts you all up the place where you all talk from (yep. you're right! that'd be your botties!). After all, you've been shafting people for a while now. Oh yeah. And we'll make sure the ill gotten gains are gotten too! Yessirreebob! You can run but you cannot hide!