Monday, 22 November 2010


This is me. I'm sooooo scared! What with legal threats from both Stelian at Mira Telecom in Romania (still waiting and quaking Stelian!) Now one from Dodgy Davey Vollmar. Wouldn't you wee your knickers too!

I know you all got so excited at my last post and then I forgot to copy the email from Dodgy Davey Vollmar at Unival. DOH! I got so excited I left it outs, so here it is. The most dangerous legal threat in history. I'm outta here. ........ Not really folks. Just kidding. Come on big boy Dave. Come and get me. You naughty, naughty thing. Chase me! OOOOOOH, I love it when you threaten me. Gets me all tingly inside. Know what I mean sweetie!

Damn. Getting carried away again. Here's the email from Dodgy Davey Vollmar to moi. Threatening MOI. The cad, the bounder, the dirty rat, the sheer effrontery. I shall challenge him to a duel, methinks!

Dear Peter,
You are not only wasting your time (even though it seems you have too much of it) but you are also wasting my time!

Gloves are off, you say? Now you talk! So stop hiding behind your email and stop making anonymous calls! If you can proof that you have a legitimate request, we are happy to respond and will provide data from independent experts, who have tested the device.

All legitimate clients have free access to full information. None of our devices is being sold without professional assessment and testing from side of our governmental clients, who really don’t need your personal protection in order to evaluate equipment.

So either come out of your hole, make your claim public and show proof or stop wasting the time of working people. If you continue to blackmail our company and our products without any proof, we will instruct our lawyers to take care of you!

I have copied James Le Grand from Sovereign into this correspondence.
Best regards,
David Vollmar

Funny. I accidentally copied James LeGrand at Sovereign all my correspondence with David, going back over a year or so, and in it Dodgy Dave clearly promised independent testing. I think it was back in early 2009 when HEDD 1 was still Sniffex. As we all know, he still hasn't put up or shut up. So we're still on the case until he's well and truly done for. Goodbyee, goodbyee, goodbyee.............