Friday, 11 February 2011


This 'ere is our Posse.

This 'ere Posse is after a lot of Pussies!!

NO! Don't be disgusting!!

Let me explain...

The Posse is the group of dedicated people who have been pursuing the purveyors of fake explosive detectors for a long time now.

The Pussies are the purveyors of that prodigiously preposterous useless prong, the swivelling aerial - in all its' wondrous forms and manifestations.

I was going to illustrate the Pussies with a piccy, but sweet little kittens didn't quite get the message across. And womens bits would have been direspectful to women. So we'll leave that well alone..

Anyway, back to the subtle distinction between the two:

Posse - People who have an inner hatred of bullshit, lies, corruption and scum. This select group in no particular order of merit or otherwise is (not exclusively): James Randi, Techowiz, Meirion and Caroline at Newsnight, Lumpy Low, Richard Saunders, Bob Couttie, contributors to forums at UK Skeptics, etc etc, Rod Norland, Sidney Allford, Bruce Hood, and many many others who have devoted time and effort to exposing and shutting down this vile trade. Sometimes at some risk.

On the other hand we have the Pussies -- I do sincerely apologise if this term offends anyone not on the list. I just want to use the most pejorative language possible to express my hatred for these merchants of death. So, who are they, these truly wonderful non-humanitarians. Here we go. If I've missed anyone out no doubt they will let me know. After all, who would not want to be on such a list of those with so pronounced a lack of distinction? WHO!?

James McCormick ADE 651 ATSC
Gary Bolton GT200 Global Technical
David Vollmar HEDD1 (formerly Sniffex Plus)
General Pierre Hadji Georgiou ADE 651 (possibly now HEDD1?) ProSec
Ilie Stelian ADE651 Mira Telecom
Yuri Markov Probably responsible for bringing Sniffex to Europe from the U.S.
John Wyatt Twerp HEDD1 SDS
Sam Tree - Exact connections not yet known but involved in early intro to Europe
Malcolm Roe- Same as Sam Tree
Simon Sherrard ComsTrac
That bloody Iraqi General whsoe name I can't be bothered to look up just now.
Robert Balais - ex-MOLE accomplice in the U.S.

Plus all the supporters eg Andrew Field at Copybook publishing here in the UK. We have tried to warn you!!

As I say, we'll make sure the list is complete!! Don't you worry your poor little heads folks. If you belong on one list, or the other, let me know and I will correct as soon as is possible!!

To finish off. There is a subtle message here for the Avon and Somerset Police. All will become clear eventually.......

Someone actually accused me of being subtle earlier today. Think they must have the wrong guy in mind. Subtle as an air raid, me!