Tuesday, 22 March 2011


Our snivelling,swivellers who like to sell lies all seem to use the same book, GET OUT OF THAT, or Every Excuse You'll Ever Need.

They have all used one or more of the following when challenged to produce proper test results, or to undergo proper testing.

We have obtained a copy and here are the most common that we have received during the campaign.

We are going to have a vote to choose our favourite (currently it could be James McCormick, the ADE651 fraudster, with "Double blind testing doesn't work with this equipment.")

This is an extract from an email I sent David Vollmar following his recent legal threat (I haven't received any confirmation form his lawyer yet), hence the focus on Sniffex, but the same applies to every one of the variants.


1. They were not trained
2. The area was contaminated.
3. The sample was too small.
4. The shape of the box was wrong.
6. Other interference with the electrostatic/nqr/thermo redux/electromagetic/atomic resonance/etc etc etc so-called working principles of swivelling sticks.
7. The operator was un-trained/under-trained (oh, sorry, you lot keep repeating it, so I will too!)
8. Double-blind testing does not work with this type of equipment.
9. It's unknown to science.
10. Science doesn't know everything.
11. It only works in certain conditions (After Yuma failure of Sniffex, Johnson said it was meant for more sterile nevironments such as airports and ports -are you only trying to sell it to sterile environments David?)
12. We're improving all the time. The others are rubbish!
13. They were only swindling share holders. We are selling the real thing (see Sniffex Inc).
14. We have meaningless patents.
15. Our customers are so embarrassed we can't tell you who they are.
16. We are in too deep to back out now but we won't actually go to Court.
17. We have top secret tests. We could get very rich, and save many more lives, but we just cannot bring ouselves to tell you about them.
18. Wr do not understand Patent Law, Company Law, Criminal Law, Ethics, Morals, or common decency, we just sell the sh1t because we think we can get away with it, and we are greedy little piggies.
19. We sell some good stuff as well so we must be o.k. NOT! Mira Telecom, ProSec, Delpac, SDS, Horizon Group etc etc etc etc etc etc etc  In this case, a few minor rights, do not a good maketh. One major wrong, do a hell maketh! Sorry. Can't wriggle out now that way.
20. We were conned! Then you are dumb as F88k. I told you. Others told you. A long time ago. You could have saved face. Me..I would have said how terrible that such a potentially convincing con was being sold to save lives. HANDE HOCH! But no, David and Frankie and your mates in Sofia et al. you wanted to tough it out. Whose sorry now? (SONG!)

I am sure I have missed some of the excuses used. there are so many! I will add any sent to me or that I recall.