Sunday, 20 March 2011


..................... AND THAT'S NOT A PRETTY SIGHT!!!


YES!!! We have a new legal threat from David Vollmar at Unival in Germany. Had a little dance when it came in!

Here is Diddy Davids email, and his Frankly (pun on Frank Trier, Davids little toy soldier) comical attempt to defend the HEDD1/Sniffex/Sniffex Plus.

Simply delight in the formulaic ad hominem attacks and bullshit. The evident lack of evidence. May you wallow in the emptiness of Vollmar and his vexatious non-litigious HEDD1.

DV TO ME AND MANY OTHERS, INCLUDING ADE651 FRAUDSTERS, GT200 FRAUDSTERS, ETC (Because he just copied my cc list like the fool he is!!):

Please find as per attachment!
Best regards,
David Vollmar
Managing Director
unival® group of companies

unival group GmbH · Am Hofgarten 4 · 53113 Bonn · Germany

to whom it may concern


Counter Statement “Fake Explosives Detectors Campaign Group”,
“Fake Explosives Detectors Accounting” etc..

Until today we have mostly ignored the countless emails of Messrs. Peter
Robinson, Diohuni, Fryer Tuck, Bart Weetjens and others of the „Fake
Explosives Detectors Campaign Group”. They have started an
anonymous, self-pleased smear campaign, harassing our company, our
employees and several of our business partners in a deeply unethical
and unprofessional way.

This is not true. I have a record of email correspondence going back two years or so ago with David Vollmar, which can of course be used in evidence. Like other swivelling fake detector salesmen, he could not resist tying himself in knots. Luckily for us!

Our anonymity is surely not the issue. The issue is only whether HEDD1 (formetly Sniffex) works. We know it does not. Our so called harassment has been entirely in the public and International interest prevent fraud and save lifes, since HEDD1 cannot detect explosives as claimed.

The anonymously hiding people behind this campaign have purposely
decontextualized any corrections that were previously stated from our
company, preventing any kind of objective debate. The lack of decency
and manners however is unbearable.

Again, what of the anonymity? I have agreed to face you in Court if you present valid papers from a sensible jurisdiction, so again, irrelevant.

….”decontextualised any corrections that were previously stated from our company, preventing any kind of objective debate.”

Ummmmm. Where do I begin to demolish these weasel words. Won't even bother with “decontextualised” as meaningless. What corrections? All Vollmar and Unival and everyone else involved with Sniffex and HEDD1 (history to follow shortly!) has ever done is either avoid or fail proper controlled double blind tests. That's it really.

As for “lack of decency and manners. Well, to begin with we did try to warn David more politely, but he kept on defending a blatantly obvious fraud, so we think his indecency selling a fake explosive detector is far worse than anything we could say or have said about him and his fellow fraudsters. A willingness to have people killed because of bogus equipment. Now that is indecent!

I shouldn't have to say more, but David does waffle on and would not want to leave him any wriggle room, so I will answer all his points.

For this reason we have handed over the complete materials published
by the people behind this campaign to our lawyers in order to take the
necessary legal action and will report this case to the public prosecution
department in charge. The infringements of this campaign group will be
taken care off accordingly.

We have had a previous legal threat from David Vollmar. I can dig out the email if you are interested. Well over a year ago now!! I am now taking bets on the chances David will follow up this time. (You'll know if my blog disappears but we will get it back again if necessary). What do you think the odds are, with all the proof available that HEDD1 is a fraud.

At this point of time, we therefore only wish to make the following

“The technology behind SNIFFEX®, SNIFFEX®PLUS and HEDD®1 is
different to reference-card based devices. The conformity in shape is
based on a similar adaption of cross bearing, which is an accepted
technology for determination of a position.

All variants of the fraud e.g. ADE651, GT200, Alpha 6, are all effectively derived from earlier versions e.g. Quadro Tracker and Mole. We have almost a full history to be published soon. All have the notorious radio antenna/aerial free swivelling. It does not matter how they dress them up, or what useless variation they claim in pseudo science, the radio aerial cannot detect explosives anyway. Beyond that we do not need to de construct every little detail. Suffice to say, every proper test has been failed. Details to follow in full history, but already available in more detail at:

The scientific work behind SNIFFEX®, SNIFFEX®PLUS and HEDD®1
has started already more than 20 years ago and is under permanent
scientific progression. The scientific principle has been patented in the
US States Patent No. 6,344,818 with the title „Apparatus and method for
the detection of materials“.

There is no valid science behind Sniffex/HEDD1, even if it had been around for 1000 years! Oh. Of Course, It has. It's called dowsing, and that doesn't and never can work!

The abstract of this patent is as follows:
„A device to detect the presence of a target material comprising a source
module and detector module. The source module includes a generator to
producing a source signal corresponding to a characteristic frequency of
the target material. The detection module detects a location of the target
material wherein the detection module detects an interference signal
generated between the source signal and a signal generated by target
material caused by exposure to the source signal.“

The Patent application process here does not actually properly test if the product works. Just describes what it is, and is supposed to do. Sadly this is a common trick of the fraudsters. Either they claim Patents they do not have hoping no one will check. Or they exaggerate what the Patent actually means. Unless you know about Patents, they sound impressive. But, there are sadly many thousands on record of products that were eseentially scams. See also perpetual energy/motion inventions.

Thomas Afilani, who appears to be the godfather of the modern wave of this type of bogus detector, loves boasting about his worthless patents as well. Also Chuck Christensen at H3tec has a patent lying record as another example.

The devices SNIFFEX®, SNIFFEX®PLUS and HEDD®1 are based on
this principle. The manufacturing of these devices is conducted under a
quality management system according to EN ISO 9001:2000 standard
and is certified by Moody International registration number Q080514 valid
until 18.06.2011 with full compliance to CE conformities for electromagnetic

None of these standards are based on whether HEDD1/Sniffex works. They are merely standards of quality in manufacturing or standard conformity to safety. None require the products to be tested under controlled double blind conditions in order to be awarded!

unival® group GmbH has supplied these devices to a large number of
governmental and private organizations on basis of highest ethical and
commercial conduct without any single reclamation and complaint until
today. There is and has been no investigation against our company or in
person related to of the sales of these devices.

It is impossible to test this claim unless they reveal who at least some of their customers are. We do in fact have some leads we are following. In the meantime, why be so shy of such a marvellous invention? We have been constantly baffled as to why all the various frauds have failed to tell the whole World loud and clear that it works after proper testing? They could be so rich? So odd?

Of course no one complains. They are either bribed, or fooled. If they stay fooled they won't complain. If bribed they won't complain. And if they realise they have been conned they don't complain. 

There will be more investigations soon. The UK agent, SDS Ltd and their head, John Wyatt are under investigation.

SNIFFEX®, SNIFFEX®PLUS and HEDD®1 are an important part of the
unival® group multi-level-security strategy and are highly valuable tools
for detection of explosive materials. Other conventional detection
technologies are greatly complemented, as detection of explosives and
weapons from distances of more than five meters is realized. Unlike
other near-field screening technologies, the Magneto-Electrostatic-
Detection principle (MED), as applied in our devices, is harmless for the
health, even if in permanent use. With these devices a real-time primary
judgment is possible that also helps protecting non-suspects from
violation of their human rights or any other risk.

The Magneto-Electrostatic-Detection claim is rubbish. (There are seemingly endless different operating principles for all the variants of this fraud, and none ever stack up when examined by reputable scientists). It cannot and does not operate as claimed. It has been claimed at times to be able to perfrom literal miracles, to be so effective it is foolproof, but when questioned, this typical diversionary tactic is used i.e. they start to say, oh, it is only one of many tools needed. That way it is impossible to say which did and did not work, without separate testing. They think this is a clever get out of jail clause, but it is so simply illogical.

Since HEDD1/ Sniffex cannot detect anything, how can it protect non-suspects? DOH!

As for harmless to the health of the operator, that would be funny, if it was not! In fact, the more HEDD1 is used, the more it fails, the more risk it causes to operator and those around the operator. It's the odds of random chance that these devices cannot beat!

Such as any professional equipment that is operated in a security related
environment, professional training is needed. Such as any equipment
that is operated from a human operator, misconduct may apply, if the
working principle is not strictly followed.

Ah, the old “training is required” excuse!! They all use it. Then, if someone not trained tests them they can claim they did not know how to use them properly. AND, they can claim when they fail in real life, i.e. a bomb goes off, that the user was inexperienced, or made a mistake, or ...anything but that their device was at fault. Also, training consists of staged demonstrations which use the ideomotor effect to hook people in.

For this reasons unival® group has never sold any equipment without
professional training, ensuring professional working standards and best
possible conduct of the working principle of our equipment including

Irrelevant. You can train all you like. It still will not work. Ask any serious EOD expert, Physics Professor, or perhaps Sidney Alford, or maybe Marcus Kuhn at Cambridge University. Or perhaps Professor Bruce Hood at Bristol. HEDD1/Snifex cannot and does not work

This especially includes scenario-based training and requires a clear
definition in which scenarios our equipment can add to existing security
standards in order to be beneficial for our clients.


Reliable security standards can only be achieved with a combination of
technologies and methods. Any technology that can increase security
standards must therefore be seriously considered, as the prevention of
casualties is the aim to strive for.

Any technology that has been proven to work in controlled testing only. HEDD1 has not. Yes, but to save lives we must see HEDD1 stopped. It is a fraud and a waste of time and money and is a distraction from real life saving.

All unival® products manufactured and supplied by our company are
protecting organizations and people against attacks with IEDs and

Since HEDD1 cannot work, regardless as to whether you sell other stuff that does work, you are guilty of fraud. Doing some good, and some evil does not balance out on the scales of justice.

As a German company, we are working on highest quality and business
standards in terms of economical and also ethical standards. Considering
the nature of our business, there is no room for compromise in this.

Quality fraud is still fraud! Ethics would include proper testing. Where? When? What? How? Results? We have repeatedly asked. You even agreed to this 2 years ago now. And to go for the Million Dollar Challenge. Why did you back down?

Consequently we have recently started the company “uniguard®”, which
purely focuses on risk assessment and risk consultancy in order to
support our clients in the evaluation and the management of risks as well
as implementation of the most efficient technologies in the particular

Do you mean you are so worried that HEDD1 will stop selling (we think it probably has already largely done so due to our campaign)? And so what? That does not make HEDD1 work! Nothing to do with the argument.

Consequently, we will no longer not tolerate any further defamation, as
carried out from this anonymous campaign group and will counter-act

We look forward to receiving valid legal papers and demolishing Vollmar, Unival, and all involved with HEDD1 and Sniffex once and for all. Like we say, we doubt they will go to Court, but if they do, we are ready.

So once again, not a shred of evidence presented. Just attacks on the Campaign, and diversions. All that counts are proper tests. Sniffex failed three in the U.S. Before the company and it's Officers were done for Stock Market manipulation. The 'inventor' fled to Bulgaria (Yuri Markov). He is still under U.S. Investigation for the Sniffex fraud element of the con there. We know the FBI would like to interview him!

From there Markov or his associates sold the scam to Vollmar and others, renaming the Sniffex as HEDD1 when our campaign started to have an effect on their business. They have had to admit the Sniffex connection because it is too well documented to do otherwise.

I repeat. If I were them I would go to a major German University. Request throrough double blind testing. If it works a simple press release and the money rolls in. Why would you not do that? Only if you will fail of course!

When tested in Thailand, Vollmar and Trier both failed a double blind test and then made the old excuse that the area was too contaminated, and that there was too much media pressure to take the test. All the other fraudsters make this and a number of other common excuses when caught out (See Paul Johnson Sniffex test, or the Yuma test of Sniffex!!)

Enough. How many times do we need to point out. WE STILL HAVE NOT AN IOTA OR SCRAP OF EVIDENCE DAVID, SO SUE AWAY!

Bonn, 18.03.2011

David Vollmar
Managing Director
unival® group GmbH

A couple of footnotes:

1. I have since received another email, offering me yet another demonstration (he said no hard feelings!). Answers on a postcard please! First correct one as to why I do not take personal demos wins a chocolate bar! I will publish that and my replies soon!

2. We love to see Vollmar trotting out the same old excuses as we saw from Sniffex Inc, and the book of "Get Out Of That' shared by all the fraudsters! But we've got the book too, so we know when you're waffling!! HO HO! We've taken it apart and there's nothing useful inside. HMMMM. where did I hear that before! HEDDCASE 1. H(asn't) E(ven) D(etected) D(oodoo) Once!

In my next post I will list all the different excuses the fraudsters use!