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BUT, sometimes new clues emerge and the story goes off in different directions. Meanwhile, speculation is rife. Now, I normally eschew too much speculation without the facts. You know, Sun type 'journalism'. But by now, you know me as nothing if not a straight talker.

So, here are some questions, and in asking them, once again I refer you to the fine blog of my fine friend and fellow fraudbuster, Techowiz (a man, may I remind you all, my fine feathered friends, who is almost singlehandedly responsible for bringing this disgusting fraud to full light and attention...sorry, I must digress for a moment and remind certain parties that they must get this into their thick heads before another Bristol landlord type case develops too much further. Geddit! If not, let me give you a clue. If you can see the Clifton suspension bridge when driving through the Avon Gorge, then you can bloody well see this!)

Anyhow, back the the thrust of this little piece. Now, as Techowiz has unearthed, we find Gary Bolton hobnobbling of old, with grand fromages. That's big cheeses to you what don't speak the French. And what big cheeses. Now what do you get with big cheeses. Yes. Pongs.

Do we smell pongs of yet another military man. Maj Gen Sharman. This gentleman (and we shall, for now, give him the benefit of the doubt), held the hand of Mr Gary Bolton, and lead him before that great institution, the British Parliament. Now, we know that Mr Bolton lied to the Committee, and we know how sensitive Parliament is to being lied to (Even though it houses more than its fair share of fibsters!).There he was, whingeing that the British Government was not doing enough to support exports of his apparent wonder gadget, the GT200 (formerly MOLE).

What we bloody wonder is why no on was asking him to prove it. However, that aside, no one was asking him why, with the European market on his doorstep, he was not trying to sell more here? In fact, we know (yes, Gary, we have the sources) that he was avoiding actually selling here. Mind you, he was clever, getting in to bed with the DMA and the Government. And we know that he had a long running relationship with the Royal Engineers, who were paid to demonstrate, and yes, twats at the MOD who tried to claim otherwise, PROMOTE his World saving devices. Which almost certainly helped him sell many pennies worth of junk to Mexico and Thailand for many millions.

We come back to asking everyone involved along the way this simple question. Were you corrupted or just plain dumbass stupid?

This is the only issue. Anyone with half a brain cell would want cast iron evidence of the claims of such a device, when it dealt with life and death. One can argue the morality of the arms trade inside out and upside down, but one cannot deny that most of it works. In these cases there is no defence on either moral or ethical grounds. and there is no defence for stupidity or corruption.

Those who have dallied with the devil (or should I say devils in the cases of both Bolton and McCormick) must answer for their actions, and now we have General Sharman to go ask.

Funny how so many Military men have been caught up in this. May I remind you of:
General Pierre Hadji Georgiou of Prosec in Lebanon and conduit for McCormick and his Iraq ADE651 sales
Col Wyatt Twerp of SDS, the World beating explosives expert who wanted to sell Sniffex aka HEDD1 to the British Army as late as last year.
The Directors of Horizon Group India who sold the Sniffex HEDD1 out their way.
Maj General al Jabiri of the Iraqi Interior Ministry and World authority on explosives, now under arrest for corruption over the ADE651 in Iraq
It's a pretty dishonourable list of rogues who claim or did claim their military service as a badge of honour, and even parade their medals.

BUT, most who serve are heroes, like the guys and girls on the frontline. Sadly some of our old soldiers go bad. Like I say, STUPIDITY OR CORRUPTION? Problem is there is no defence for either!

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And be grateful that people like Techowiz do not let this sorry saga go away, or bow down to those who might like it to!!