Monday, 19 September 2011


A message to many of their ilk! Sorry. Idea came in to head and had to write it down!

Down here at Gotham City the Police Force is all in a dither. Commissioner Loeb doesn't know whether he is coming or going. Meanwhile the Mayor is caught up in all sorts of political scandals and is frankly useless.

The Police keep arresting the wrong people. The Mayors office does nothing. Meanwhile people are dying, and the Jokers are getting away with it!

We need Batman and Robin! Because even a man and a boy who wear their underpants outside their lycra might be able to do better.

This is a direct lift from Wikipedia on Batman and Robin:
A common theme in stories set in Gotham is the rampant and recurring corruption within the city's civil authorities and infrastructure, most notably within the Gotham City Police Department. During stories set early in Batman's career (most notably Batman: Year One), Commissioner Gillian B. Loeb was depicted as having his hands in many pockets. However, Batman found evidence for conspiracy charges, forcing Loeb to resign his position. Later stories depicted subsequent commissioners as also being corruptible, or open to various forms of influence. In other stories, Batman has had to take on crooked cops, either acting in collusion with supervillains, working for the mob, or on their own. Later stories, featuring James Gordon as the new Commissioner, show the two characters often uniting to purge corruption from the force. Gordon was the commissioner for about 9 to 10 years of continuity, then retired, handing the police force over to his replacement, Commissioner Akins.[citation needed] Recent stories have returned Gordon to the position of Commissioner, unfortunately to find corruption taking a greater hold since his departure.

Funny that!

Meanwhile, at the august and not so august offices of the major newspapers in Gotham, there is also a lot of running about chasing tails. Some Editors and Proprietors are trying to cover up their own corruption and misdeeds. Others are trying to get the story straight but are being frustrated as the Police target the latter pointlessly, or perhaps for reasons of their own CYA purposes?

And the Police go on arresting the wrong people, selling or giving stories tto the papers they really have no business doing, or cocking up their investigations, or not doing anything, and wasting a lot of the Gotham City Taxpayers money, while the other Jokers and Riddlers and Penguins all get away!

De nah nah,nah
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de nah nah nah
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de nah nah
de nah nah
BATMAN! Or summat like that!