Wednesday, 9 November 2011


Got bored of the pictures of David Vollmar and Frank Trier, so thought you ought to take a look at the HEDD1 (Formerly SNIFFEX, AND SNIFFEX PLUS). Do I hear sniffing? Laughing? 

Sadly, like Frank Trier, this one does not have its' radio aerial extended and at right angles to the very nicely designed hand grip.

Now, Vollmar and Trier at Unival claim it works by MED - Magneto-Electrostatic-Detection. More like MAD - Mutually Assured Destruction! Different they say from the reference card versions of the same fraud, like the ADE651 and the GT200.

Of course it is different. Can't have too many varieties of the fraud in exactly the same disguise can we! But the aerial is the same. HOHO!! And we all know what a radio aerial is really good for. YEP. Picking up radio signals. In fact the HEDD1 could come in useful if your aerial breaks on your radio, but not much else. Maybe a nose pick? perhaps we should have a competition to see what real uses these useless detectors could be put to.
Of course, there are no credible physics behind this baloney. Remember Jim and his flipping between Thermo Redux and NQR, and of course "It's a bit like dowsing." HOHOHOHOHOHO

Course the HEDD1 was originally the SNIFFEX invented by that ugly mofo Yuri Markov, of Sofia, Bulgaria. Remember he set up SNIFFEX Inc in the U.S.A. Ramped and hyped the shares, then with a number of others got away with an estimated $32 Million Dollars.

Now this is the same Yuri Markov from whom David Vollmar bought the SNIFFEX licence. Then renamed it SNIFFEX PLUS. Now HEDD1. So, that's the potted history of the apparent 20 year development of this 'miracle' product. So why are you still not a billionaire David? Why doesn't every one have them? Terrorism and war would be nearly over if it worked. So why the secrecy about the buyers and the tests?

Here's Davids latest effort to scare us off. HOHOHOHOHOHOHOHOHOHOHOHOHOHOHOHO:


From: David Vollmar
Date: Sun, Nov 6, 2011 at 4:37 PM
Subject: Re: More News On UNIVAL, David Vollmar and His HEDD1 Fraud
To: Peter Robinson

Peter Robinson (aka FC), (Not sure what he means by FC? Can you guess? Wonder why he is so upset with me if we are nothing?)
Fake Explosive Detector Campaign Group,
Time-thieves (Better than life and money Thieves!)
I have seldomly read such utter nonsense! (Try reading your advertising material for your scam HEDD1). Shame on you for distributing wrong and defamatory babble that is only meant insult and offend. What a waste of time! (Of course we insult you. You are filthy stinking scum, so it is only right we should call you what you are! As bad as Nazi guards in concentration camps! If it is defamatory do sue us! Yes we like to offend the fraudsters. But we are really saving lives. A waste of time? We think not!)
What makes it even worse is that you intentionally damage the respect for people such as Dr. John Wyatt (Is this the same Dr Wyatt currently under Police investigation for fraud?)    and Yuri Markrov, (wanted in the U.S. for fraud) who are working very hard to improve security in the fight against IEDs. (LOL More like fill their boots with dirty money!)
Now if you think that we will stop writing counter-statements against your glorious group of 3 to 4 people that anonymously terrorize our company and products, you are wrong. Only because our lawyers have strongly advised not to waste any time with a legal fight against your anonymous group (Because you would have to prove your product works. Of course your lawyers tell you you have no case because we are right. Otherwise you would try to get us legally because we are damaging you business and the dumbass HEDD1, like we did when you had to change the name of SNIFFEX!), we are mostly ignoring you. Google does not take action against defamation, (Not true if you get a legal injunction! You are fibbing again!) and as you are all hiding behind pseudonyms, there is currently not much to do. However, whenever there is a real chance, we will take legal measures immediately.(Yet another legal threat, booooooring. This is the third from David and Unival, but still no sign!)
Again, and i am repeating my self: HEDD1 and all products based on the MED method are completely different to reference card devices and cannot be compared accordingly. Our devices are highly accepted by governmental agencies around the world, (Without one shred of independent evidence that they work? Come on. One of your so called 'Government Customers'  must be proud that they bought HEDD! if it is working as well as you claim?. Why wouldn't they all want everyone to know they have the marvellous HEDD1 if it works so well? Wouldn't that be a good deterrent? And why are the tests you claim so secret? Wouldn't you sell a lot more if they are real tests?) who have tested and approved our methodology and our devices (by taking bribes and are very reluctant to support you publicly, why is that???) Our technology is a highly legitimate and important approach to detect explosives from a safe distance. (Why don't you prove it then? How many times have we asked? How many times have you promised real testing? How many have you done so far? Where? When? How? Who?) There is currently no alternative to our technology that works in real-life scenarios in any comparable way. (None of the swivelling aerial frauds work! Yours included!)
There has been no legal claim against our company and products up to today. (How many times must we ask? Do those taken in by scams admit their stupidity? Do those corrupted admit it willingly?) There has never been any ban on our products. Our reputation in the industry and with our clients is absolutely flawless. (So why don't you take the RANDI JREF Million Dollar Challenge as you promised to do with your previous fraud, the hilarious Sniffex Plus. That promise was now about 2.5 years ago now!)
Obviously, you will continue to ignore such facts (You have no facts. You have put forward useless anecdotal non-evidence to date. Please supply REAL facts then we will talk, but we bet ya it will never happen. How much? We bet a Million Dollars! Ho Ho!) and will keep on libeling us on your self-pleasing guerrilla crusade. But sooner or later, truth will expose you. (The truth has already exposed you as a lying scum. And Frank as a total twat. Even Saintly Col (Retd.) John Wyatt, as a plonker)

We will in the meantime work harder in order to make a difference and support our clients in their fight against terror and instability. (How does that work? Supplying a scam device that has not and can not be proven to detect anything but the stupid, the gullible and the corrupt. A device that can only result in death and failure. Please enlighten us?) Why don't you start making a difference, get a job and stop wasting our time!

P.S.: To all unfortunate recipients of this crazy smear campaign. I would appreciate any piece of advice against these time-thieves.
(Here is some advice for you. STOP trying to sell a proven scam).
David Vollmar, Managing Director  (Chief HEDD1 fraudster as exposed in Thailand and on Newsnight. See HEDD1 Thailand youtube or visit Techos blog at


For anyone who would like to tell David Vollmar and Frank Trier what they think of them selling a fake detector which is really a death trap, feel free to use these contact details: