Saturday, 5 November 2011


David 'Volldermort' Vollmar. Managing Director, Unival GmbH, Germany,. Purveyor of the HEDD1 (formerly known as SNIFFEX - see SNIFFEX SEC Fraud Case) a.k.a. The Hasn't Even Detected Doo Doo Once. The man who knows the HEDD1 doesn't work because we have been telling him for years, and like all the rest of the swivelling aerial fraudsters, pretends he has evidence he can't let anyone see, will then won't take independent testing, issues meaningless legal threats, and generally behaves like the slime ball he really is.
Frank 'Toy Soldier Rambo' Trier. Unival. David Vollmars pet toy soldier. A man who knows that the HEDD1 doesn't work because he uses it so much! Been back to Thailand recently Frankie?
And let's not forget Col. John Wyatt 'Twerp', SDS UK Limited, and Worldwide authority on Bovine Scatology a.k.a. U.K. Representative for Unival and HEDD1. Was still trying to sell HEDD1 as late as summer 2010, here in the U.K. Ever heard of the Internet Johnny boy? Same question to the brothers in blue (Colin 'Elwood' Port, and the various Jakes at CofL)?


Well lovely boys. here' s some stuff we know about ya, that I bet you didn't know we knew. So, some more previously unknown but now well known knowns about the unknown ways you still pretend HEDD1 can work! (Thanks to Rumsfeld. D.)

We know people in Germany who hate David Vollmar and will help bring him down. He has ripped people off for a lot of money. Reports suggest that David is an idiot in a suit. Maybe David has used family money. Poor them!

Not long ago there was a court case against David´s Pakistani partner, Murtaza Lakhani, who stole millions from the Iraqis (bit like James McCormick then!) David betrayed his German partners. At the court hearing David appeared tired, stressed and gaunt.

We understand that Bonn is not a big city, and that the reputation of Vollmar is already almost nul points there. Still, he toy soldiers on, and desperately tries to diversify his business, as we destroy the chances of HEDD1 ever selling again, anywhere.

Vollmars attempt at lateral integration in the security sector is Reinhard Landmann, a former BKA operative, who is 70 plus now. He was well connected until 10 years ago but due to his age and the fact that all of his contacts at the BKA retired at the same time, he no longer has access to decision-makers. Some people find him annoying as he keeps on telling the same old stories. However, we believe he is most likely not involved in the HEDD1 scam. As far as we can discover he is freelance and is not employed by Unival. Landmann runs his own one-man-show and offers his services to whoever pays him. He therefore cannot afford to be too critical and does not ask questions.

So, despite the strange and parallel (another one of those parallels - damn things keep popping up like frauds) lack of apparent official German action against Vollmar, Unival and HEDD1, it seems we can chalk up more serious success to the FEDC (Fake Explosives Detectors Campaign) i.e. massive disruption of Vollmar and his pathetic Frank Trier puppet and the HEDD1/SNIFFEX they bought from Yuri Markov. What's that make the score to us Techo? I lose track.

Of course, it looks as if Vollmar haf vays ov tripping himself up as well. We just like to help push a bit. BIG SHOVE EVERYONE! He's tottering and teetering on the brink of oblivion. Just one more effort. HEAVE!!!

So let's 
and not be a 
Rollin' Rollin' Rollin'
Keep movin', movin', movin',
Though they're disapprovin',
Keep them doggies movin' Rawhide!
Don't try to understand 'em,
Just rope and throw and grab 'em,
Soon we'll be living high and wide.
Boy my heart's calculatin'
My true love will be waitin', be waiting at the end of my ride.
especially the victims of the fraudsters!
Well she may have done, but Col and his mates in Londinium haven't caught anyone yet!
What we need is some 
for the fraudsters, soon!