Wednesday, 16 November 2011


A piper plays the Last Post. In memory of those who served, and in honour of those who serve now!
We here at the Fake Explosives Detectors Campaign wish this was our last post! But somehow we feel this is unlikely!

I have used the Last Post title deliberately. If you do not know, The Last Post can be either a bugle call within British Infantry regiments or a cavalry trumpet call in British Cavalry and Royal Regiment of Artillery (Royal Horse Artillery and Royal Artillery) used at Commonwealth military funerals and ceremonies commemorating those who have been killed in war. And we certainly do commemorate and celebrate our heroes.

On the other hand, we denigrate and demolish the villains involved in the fake detectors scam trade.

Now, why should this be our last post?

Because Techo and I have summarised our key reasons why every one of these swivelling aerial cons are indeed that i.e. pure, knowing, deliberate frauds on the part of the sellers, and either corruption or stupidity on the part of the buyers.

This should be the end of the matter because the fraudsters have no rational answers to these points at all. 

1. The 'IF IT WAS REAL' clincher.

If you really had a 'miracle' product that could detect explosives, drugs, people, ivory, guns etc (all claims made by the various fraud variants), then becoming a multi-billionaire would be a very simple matter. All you would need to do is take it to M.I.T., or another reputable institution (Sandia National labs?), and have them run properly controlled double blind testing, under a strict confidentiality agreement regarding the design and workings..

Having received the positive, glowing report that the device works as claimed, all one would have to do is get the investment to ensure as full Worldwide patent protection as possible (this would be easy money to find if the product is indeed the 'miraculous' World saving device claimed).

Then set up manufacturing. Put out a Press Release detailing that MIT or a.n.other had endorsed your 'miracle', and watch the orders roll in. 

Imagine, an almost overnight end to terrorism. To drug smuggling etc etc. Don't you think everyone would have one? Well, at least just about every member of the Police, the Armed Forces and the Security Personnel.

You would be hailed as a saviour of the World. get very rich, very quickly, and be a total hero for finding such a device. Just imagine, you could be as rich as Croesus, and give away a hell of a lot too. I imagine the positions of Carlos Slim, Bill Gates, and Warren Buffett at the top of the World's rich lists would be under threat!

But NO. Not one of the fraudsters will agree to independent testing, despite claiming they have secret test results they cannot show anybody. Some have agreed to take tests, but then they back out or go quiet. Why would that be? And no, it is not because of commercial confidentiality which they sometimes claim! It is because we all know that they cannot risk proper testing. Whenever proper testing has been done e.g. Quadro Tracker, Sniffex, DKL Lifeguard, HEDD1, MOLE, GT200, ADE651, it has shown these devices to perform no better than chance, as predicted due to the total lack of credible working principles.

And, of course, they all have lots of satisfied (read bribed or plain stupid) customers, but can't or won't tell us who these customers are. Now, if you were a buyer of a 'miracle' why would you want to stay quiet. Let's say you were a Country whose Police had bought these devices. Wouldn't you want  everyone to know you had them? Wouldn't that be a marvellous deterrent? OF COURSE IT WOULD! So why the secrecy? Or is it embarrassment and trying to cover up corrupt purchasing that motivates these customers to stay in the shadows?

So, you either get fabulously wealthy if it is true, and go down in history as a great man, or you must be a lying, fraudulent scumbag...You decide!


I have said that if anyone of the fraudsters could reasonably prove that their 'miracle' device works, I would run down Oxford Street naked screaming that the detectors are the greatest things since sliced bread. I would proclaim it from every roof top. Techo has promised to eat his vast collection of hats as well!

But, instead of producing any credible evidence or proof, the fraudsters make hollow legal threats, bluster about pseudo scientific claims, ask us to visit them for personal demos, move offices, try to hide in the dark corners (see Gary Bolton laying sort of low in Kent except we found him! Unlike the Police who are supposed to be investigating him!), make more hollow legal threats, admit we are damaging their oh so brave efforts to sell their fakes to save lives (F**K OFF GARY, JIM, DAVID etc. SAVING LIVES! HO HO! YOU REALLY DO LIKE TO BOTTOM FEED DON'T YOU!), pretend we are nobodies who are just causing trouble, claim we work for competitors, and many more excuses/diversions straight out of the Fraudsters Bible of Excuses e.g. The testing was unfair!.

Anything except provide real evidence and proof. We have been at this campaign for over three years now. NOT AN IOTA OF PROOF OR EVIDENCE HAS BEEN PROVIDED BY THE FRAUDSTERS, DESPITE JAMES RANDI (JREF Million Dollar Challenge) AND US CALLING THEM OUT ON THIS FREQUENTLY!

So, you decide. If you were selling a 'miracle', and had the evidence to shut up your critics instantly (actually more than that by making the critics your biggest fans and make them grovel in apology as we would!), who you admit are damaging your business, wouldn't you do it, instead of claiming that you can but won't? DOH! 


We know that despite a few attempts to sell the fraud in the U.S., U.K., and Western Europe, the fraudsters soon learned that their most lucrative markets are ones where corruption is rife. Where the question of whether the 'miracle' works tends to be forgotten in favour of how much they can line their own pockets on the deal. The majority of known sales have been to Iraq, Thailand and Mexico. can you see the common denominator? Yes, all riddled with corruption.

Of course selling closer to home would be cheaper and easier. Then, having sold in vast quantity to the U.K., U.S. and Western Europe, you would simply expand out from there and just about every Country in the World would get some in darned quick!


As above, whenever these fraudulent devices have been tested properly they have failed. There is no credible scientific basis for all the various ludicrous claims they make (see MED, NQR, THERMO-REDUX, ELECTROSTATIC ATTRACTION etc etc). Don't believe me! Believe Prof. Sidney Alford, Prof. Bruce Hood, Dale Murray at Sandia National Labs, Colonel Hal Bidlack (retd), The JREF etc etc etc etc etc etc.

As above, the fraudsters have had ample opportunity to shut us up if they could. Have they done so? NO! Why not?

So, do you see now why this should be our last post?  Of course! If the fraudsters could prove their case, they would have done so by now. After all, they make the claims so they should prove them or shut up! We don't have to prove anything really. But the issues above are all the proof one should need for these fraudsters to be jailed, their money confiscated and the Fake Explosives Detectors Campaign could be disbanded. Believe us, we wish that were the case (despite the fact that we would almost certainly find another fraud to go after. After all, there is a sucker and a fraud born every minute!)

But, being ever the realists, we realise that this is not going to be the end just yet, until the British Government and Police get their arses in gear and sort the mess out! When that might happen is anyones guess! Of course, we also need the German Government to close down Unival (HEDD1), the U.S. Government to close down H3Tec, and hopefully then the Thais, Mexicans and anyone else who has bought this con will finally stop using the damn things! There are some minor mopping up operations as well (e.g. Greece shutting down Diodebell with their AL-6D), but if we get the bigger players they should all follow as the house of cards collapses under them.

We are just left with the same old question. Why is nothing apparently being done to really shut down this trade? MR PRICK IN THE UK GOVERNMENT - ANY ANSWERS?