Friday, 4 November 2011


  Or, No, You can't have your email back Carly!

This time I chose a picture of your handsome hunk, Gary Bolton. Purveyor of the GT200 Fake Explosives Detector. Just to remind us all how lovely he is. Do you think he has a haunted look? We do. A tad scared perhaps? Sadly not bloody and broken like his victims!

Anyhow, after your previous emails, Dear Carly, here is your latest. I wonder why you tried to recall it. Did Gary tell you off? Perhaps factually a tad incorrect? We can of course check out whether your family has the kind of money to loan you £300 odd grand for a mortgage free house? Or was it about £40k for a new convertible A5 Audi? Have to look that one up. Top of the range? All the extras? Massage seats to soothe away the guilt?

And. HIP HIP HOORAY! Another legal threat to add to our collection here at FEDC HQ. Like Gold Discs, they are all framed.

Well, my little chickadee Carly, hun, sweetie, poppet, love, you will feel better if you grass him up. The sooner the better! Or every day that guilty knot gets bigger and tighter, until it will suffocate you.

So, here's is the email Carly sent then decided she didn't want anyone to see, by trying to recall it. Lucky we here at FEDC HQ are on the ball, and we did our due diligence my dear. Yes. We saved it. Recall away. Think we were born yesterday? And we await the legal papers with glee. Oh please, this time make it real, for Dorothy. We're off to find the weasel. The wonderful weasel of Kent. And his Wicked Witch. Luckily we have the brains, the heart and the courage. Sadly no red shoes.:

Family have loaned for my house FYI.... LIKE I SAID GET YOUR FACTS RIGHT. BIFA have no interest and i suggest you stop before legal action is taken. It makes no difference.

I own and run a company way before Gary, as stated Seabrook Air was there main freight forwarder for 10 years or so before they closed. Seriously what are you trying to achieve here.

Talk to City Of London Police for any clarification

Carly WickensDirector

Yet again she mentions Seabrook Air. We wonder why. Did they ship most of the GT200s, and she only did a few towards the end? Did Gary set up his mistress/girlfriend in business to help him quietly ship his SH1TE out of the country? After all Consignments Worldwide was set up just over two years ago, and Carly tells us she has been working with Gary and Global Technical for two years. Coincidence? Despite elsewhere claiming she has nothing to do with Global Technical? DOH! Carly!

By the way, given your awful English, when you say "I own and run a company way before Gary", do you mean that you owned and ran a company long before you met Gary, or that you now own and run Gary?  Either way, not sure what that has got to do with anything? Also, I think the first time you mention Gary directly, by his first name we note!

What are we trying to achieve? Well, a complete end to the disgusting trade in fake explosives detectors, largely perpetrated by your boyfriend and his ex-friend James McCormick, sadly from this country. Also their arrest and substantial incarceration, preferably in the countries they sold to. Then the recovery of as much of the blood money as possible, except what you and Gary and Jim have spent already. Plus the naming, shaming and perhaps prosecution of those who negligently helped them, failed to stop them when they should have, and have taken far too long to stop them. Also those who have benefited from the money, like you perhaps, dear Carly, dear Carly.

We also want to leave a small legacy of how a dumb and obvious fraud can spread like wildfire, and cost many lives, limbs and dollars. A small pinprick on the vast balloon of stupidity, corruption and greed that goes on. 

And yes, we would love to talk to the City of London Police. So would others, we understand. And we do tell them what we know, including where you and Gary are.