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Regurgitation. How David Vollmar, Frank Trier and their merry men at Unival try to repeat the same old worn out arguments.

YUCK! More nauseous gaseous gastric bile from Germany. David Vollmar yet again tries to defend himself, his company and the HEDD1 (formerly SNIFFEX and SNIFFEX PLUS). Well, we assume it is David, or maybe it was toy soldier with a toy appendage, Frank Trier? It is unsigned, but that does not stop it being garbage!

So, here in the style we at the Fake Explosives Detectors Campaign are famous for, is the defence of Vollmar/Trier/Unival/HEDD1. Is that the best you can do boys? We have heard it all before AD NAUSEAM, hence the title of VOLLMAR VOMITS....

Want to know the best thing about the statement from Unival? Well, it is the fact that in a few short paragraphs, they slide in most of the major excuses. What economy with words! Shame they are also economic with the actualite. i.e they do bullshit or lie a lot. Do you know when they are lying? We do! When they open their mouths! HA HA HA HA!

Them in black. FEDC in blood red! 

On Mon, Nov 28, 2011 at 5:25 PM, unival® group Germany <> wrote:
The following statement is made on behalf of unival® group, our handheld explosive detector HEDD®1 (LIE 1 - they do not have a working Handheld explosives detector. It is a dowsing rod in fancy dress, and dowsing cannot and does not work anywhere, anyhow, anytime!) and the related methodology only! (LIE 2 - There is no related or actual methodology behind HEDD1, other than the ideomotor effect - LOOK IT UP!- ask any vaguely competent Physicist whether the so called working principle of Magnetic Electrostatic Detection, using a couple of magnets and a radio aerial has any chance of detecting anything?)

Peter Robison,
The Fake Detector Campaigners,

Your email is incredibly embarrassing and totally wrongful. (Embarrassing to you we agree! Wrongful. NO. Not even a little bit, let alone totally! You have produced ZERO EVIDENCE, so how can we be wrong?) It is a very sad example of the damaging potential caused by misguided fanatics. (We are fanatics? What? the people who want to stop fake explosives detectors giving false hope and leading to awful loss of life? COME OFF IT YOU F'ING IDIOTS!) The hate and negative energy that you spread is very similar to the destructiveness of fanatics, who attack people because of their religion, believe or color. You have lost any objectivity! (UMMMMM? Where to start? Objectivity? Got any independent testing done yet David. like you promised back in 2009? We would never attack anyone for their colour. That is a slur on our reputations, but hey, coming from a chump like David Vollmar we can take any amount of ad hominem attack and still not be diverted. SORRY DAVEY BOY! Nice try! As for religion and belief, most of us here are quite happy to attack anything that has ZERO EVIDENCE, like fake explosives detectors or religion. La meme chose! Non!)

HEDD1 and all previous generations based on the Magneto Electrostatic Detection (MED) method have been sold to governmental organizations in more than 35 countries so far, based on successful proof of concept and functionality. (Still not one of your customers in 35 Countries is prepared to come out and admit they have bought this wonder device? Strange!? We keep saying that if we were a small country with limited money for security, yet we had the magical HEDD1, we would tell everybody if we were so confident it worked. This would act as an amazing deterrent to would be terrorists and drug smugglers, but would make us look great in the eyes of our people and the World for protecting our citizens so magnificently with the best invention ever, the HEDD1. But no, not one of them will back you up publicly! How about if you won't tell us who they are, you send them an invitation from us? Ask them all whether just one of them will admit to being a buyer of the miraculously brilliantly useful HEDD1? Just one will do, to start! Ask them if their highly trained by you operatives will participate in a double blind protocol testing program, so we can finally prove this one way or the other, since you won't for some strange reason/) HEDD1 is an active device. (Regrettably you are still active trying to sell your lies. HEDD1 is not and cannot be active other than to detect the corrupt, the gullible or the stupid.) It creates a Modulated Magnetic Field (MMF) that is specially tuned for the bond energy in Nitro Compounds, which are present in most common explosives. The methodology is protected by patent. (Really! MMF! TUNED! BOND ENERGY!- is that 007 energy? - NITRO COMPOUNDS! PSEUDOSCIENTFIC BABBLE! Or PSB Syndrome again! PATENT MY ARSE! We have shown before how patents do not necessarily guarantee functionality. See endless history of patents for things that do not work e.g. perpetual motion/energy machines. Stuff your patents David. They are as worthless as you are!)

The similarity to reference-card devices is only based on a similar shape. (The similarity is because they are the same ideomotor dowsing con! Simple as that!)The antenna of HEDD1 is necessary in order to apply the principle of triangulation, which is the most accepted way of determination of a location.  (Stop trying to talk pseudobabblescience David! Of course any fool knows that one triangulates for accurate positioning. But that means you have to be able to detect something first! So, if the aerial is just the pointer pointy bit, how do your patently absurd magnets detect the nitro compounds and transmit a signal to the aerial? Of course they can't and don't! Or are you calling Sidney Alford a liar?

Neither unival group nor HEDD1 and the MED method are part of the UK based investigations against reference-card devices. (Really? We understood that the UK agent for Unival, John Wyatt 'Twerp' - Colonel Blimp Retired - is under investigation? Do you know something we don't? That would be a first! Do tell!) No export ban exists against our devices or technology! (We keep telling you f'ing fraudsters. Just because the authorities are weak, corrupt, stupid, useless or implicated, or don't act for some other non-reason, does not mean you are right. It just means they are wrong.) We are currently working with a number of industrial/ scientific organizations to further develop the technology respectively to integrate this technology into new methods for remote detection. (WHO ARE THESE INDUSTRIAL/SCIENTIFIC ORGANIZATIONS? Or are they strangely shy of any association with you, like your customers appear to be? We are serious enquirers. In fact, I promise to be your best salesman if you do prove HEDD1! Honest! In fact, why not send us 100 units immediately on a Sale Or Return basis. I promise if it works we will shift them in about 24 hours, then we can negotiate a full UK agency. After all, privately you have to admit John Wyatt did fuck it up on Newsnight, with all that bs about "intangible science." I mean, you tell us it is completely tangible MED/MFF/BOND ENERGY/NITRO DETECTION. Go on, tell us what is intangible about that? Or is it like when McCormick said the ADE651 was "akin to dowsing." So, all we need to become one of your most serious and committed enquirers ever, is some proof that HEDD1 works, and sorry, anecdotal or secret evidence doesn't cut it, sadly. After all, we could all sell horse shit as gold if we were allowed to say it was and not get contradicted!) More detailed information is available upon request for any serious enquirer. (Great, We can't wait!)

The integration of our technology as a complementary tool to protective measures helps organizations to protect against Improvised Explosive Devices (IEDs). (The old get out of jail clause i.e don't use HEDD1 in isolation. Use dogs and other detection equipment as well. That way, if HEDD1 fails no one can say which method failed, and if they find something HEDD1 can falsely claim the credit. Clever ain't it! NO! We can see right through this kind of disclaimer/excuse. After all, we have heard it all before! And that sick call to the emotions using the expression IEDs. DAVID and FRANK. Real men die almost daily trying to save lives by searching for and defusing bombs and IEDs. You claim you have something that can help them, yet no major Western Government, Armed Forces or Security Service, or Police, or Border Guards appears to have bought the HEDD1. If it was so marvellous then wouldn't you have sold them by now? Also, how come you were caught with your pants down in that Thai test, when you claimed you were just helping your local agent, but oddly, like McCormick and Bolton you were really just desperately trying to flog to corrupt regimes, and not focusing a much cheaper sales effort in Europe? Odd? Despite John Wyatt 'Twerps' pathetic attempts to sell it here!) To my best of knowledge there is currently no device available in the market that is as easy to handle and as cost efficient as HEDD1 in terms of explosive detection from remote distance. (Just prove it then! We can prove it. Ask Sidney Alford, or is he not a valid expert?)

You will be held responsible for any damage caused with wrong statements. (What damage? You have already previously admitted that we have damaged your HEDD1 business. GOOD. We are so happy! Go on. Hold us responsible!! Is it two or three legal threats you have flung at us over nearly three years. Funny. Still no action. Just like the HEDD1!) Stop writing such emails. (Not until you prove us wrong! Ho Ho!!) Stop wasting time! (Not a bit of it David. We love wasting your time and will keep doing so until you are down or dead!)

To all recipients of the emails from Peter Robinson aka FEDC: Please mark them as spam or demand deletion from this mailing list.  


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