Wednesday, 7 December 2011


OR Buy One Get One Free.

Right. We thought that maybe Brinley Salzmann of ADS, Major General Alan Sharman (retd.) and others in the UK Defence establishment might like to say sorry for helping Gary Bolton sell his MOLE and GT200 Fake Detectors around the World, and thus contributing to the death and destruction and havoc that these scam devices cause wherever they are used.

We said we would not publish Brinleys useless defence of his useless position, and that of his ex-boss Sharman, if the ADS released the following statement:

'ADS, its employees and members, deeply regret the past association of the Defence Manufacturers Association (forerunner of ADS) and its past employees and members, with Gary Bolton of Global Technical Ltd, and his fraudulent detectors, the MOLE and the GT200.

ADS deeply regrets the past involvement of the British Government and the Royal Engineers in helping to promote these fraudulent detectors.

ADS condemns all varieties of the detector fraud, including the ADE651, sold by James McCormick of ATSC (ex-partner of Gary Bolton), and the HEDD1 (formerly SNIFFEX) marketed by Unival in Germany and their UK agent, Colonel John Wyatt, SDS,  as useless and dangerous.

ADS calls on the British Government to impose an immediate Worldwide ban on the export of these fraudulent devices, and to make further strenuous efforts to urge Mexico, Thailand and the rest of the World never to use these types of devices ever again.

ADS calls on the U.K. Police and Prosecution authorities to expedite charges against Gary Bolton, James McCormick and their associates for murderous fraud, as well as anyone here in the UK also involved e.g. John Wyatt.

ADS calls on the British Government to make every effort to recover as much of the blood money associated with this disgusting trade.

ADS deeply regrets British involvement in the promotion and export of these disgusting frauds, and the subsequent substantial loss of lives, limbs and liberty.

ADS now vets potential members far more thoroughly than when Gary Bolton and Global Technical managed to gain membership of the predecessor Defence Manufacturers Association.

ADS and Major General Alan Sharman (retd.) deeply regret all past associations with Gary Bolton.'

Did they? Of course they did not! Not big enough to admit their deadly mistakes!

So, you can of course now see the letter Brinley didn''t want you to see below (see post below ADS STANDS FOR?), along with our detailed analysis of what he was really saying, and was not saying. Especially his lie that Bolton never mentioned his dodgy device when he went to Parliament with his big wig Defence Manufacturers Association friends.

Now your bonus offer, to all the fraudsters direct. Very simple boys and girls! Either test properly, or confess! Why? Because we will never give up!! We have offered you these choices many times, but you all fiddle on while people get blown up. NICE!