Thursday, 22 December 2011


Many hundreds more died in Iraq today. Many thousands more will have been affected, in the most terrible of ways. Much money wasted. Much heartache caused! Much blood shed!

1. Perhaps if the Iraqis had invested in proper explosives detection equipment/dogs and systems some time ago, instead of corruptly buying $85 million dollars of fraud ADE651 detectors (see Jaberwocky Jabiri story below!), at least some of this madness may have been stopped.

2. If the Gangster factions of the so called 'peaceful' Muslim religion, were not all fighting over their slice of the big fat pie, under the Gang Names of Sunni, Shi-ite, Wahhabi etc etc, could stop for a moment and look back at the great civilisation that came before Mohammed, would they not become a real force in the World again, instead of a murderous squabble of petty thieves, who defile any notion of a decent and beneficial religion?

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