Saturday, 14 January 2012


Anyone who has followed the Fake Explosives Detectors Campaign (FEDC) will know that I was inspired by James Randi of the James Randi Educational Foundation (JREF)

Back in 2008 Randi issued his Million Dollar Challenge (MDC) to the ADE651. It was the fact that the ADE651 was being sold by a British company that got my goat (Damn, I loved that goat! Not carnally I hasten to add! Just joking. Got my goat means it made me mightily angry),

Anyway, it was the Randi MDC that motivated me to start to investigate further, and subsequently to encounter my great friend and great man Techowiz. Anyone who wants to know more can go back to the beginning of this blog and follow the story, or see the book of the blog at the link below (the book is easier to follow because it starts at the very beginning).

Here we link to a recent interview with The Amazing Randi at the Magic Castle. The interviewer is the marvellous mentalist, Max Maven.

It's well worth listening to the whole interview because Randi is truly a great skeptic. Despite his advancing age and recent illness, he is a deep well of great stories and wisdom.

However, for those of you with not much time, fast forward to 40 minutes in when Randi discusses the MDC with Max, and explains a little of how it works. He also mentions the Quadro Tracker and the ADE651 (actually he calls it the ADE561 but I think we'll forgive him for getting two digits the wrong way around!).

Well, we are now over three years into the campaign, and of course, none of the main criminals involved in the trade in fancy dress dowsing rods have been charged with any crime. Since Randi has been publicising this scam since 1995, isn't it AMAZING that little or nothing has been done to end this disgusting fraud? If you agree, please spread the word.

N.B. Randi can be very generous to deluded people who believe in all sorts of BS, despite the fact that he endeavours to expose frauds, scams, psychics (e.g. Sylvia Browne and John Edward) etc etc. We just want to make it clear that none of the Fake Explosives Detectors have ever been put forward for the MDC despite numerous challenges from Randi down the years, and despite some of our 'favourite'  fraudsters saying they would or might take the challenge, or indeed get proper testing carried out. WHY NOT? Because of course they know they are selling a fraud!



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