Monday, 16 July 2012


And I've tried and I've tried and I've tried and I've tried

Some people are telling me to be pleased that McCormick, Bolton, Sam Tree andJoan  Tree, Simon Sherrard and Anthony Williamson have been charged with fraud regarding various versions of the swivelling aerial detector fraud, so why am I not entirely satisfied?

Because I am greedy? Well, yes. In a way I am very greedy. I want everyone responsible for this fraud hung up for public gaze, like at Tyburn in the good old days.

Well, of course, even if they all get convicted, few of them will really hang. Maybe General Jabiri in Iraq?  But I want them at very least to hang in the COURT OF PUBLIC OPINION.

In my last piece you will see that I have named many people who should be hung for their involvement. But, I have reason to believe that there are people whose names we do not yet know, who might have been able to do a lot more a lot sooner to end the trade in fraudulent detectors that cost so many lives, limbs and suffering, as well as many corrupt and wasted dollars!

We know that between 1999 and 2004. Gary Bolton of Global Technical, who helped bring the MOLE to the UK (Quadro Tracker having been exposed in America), and then changed it to the GT200, was a member of the Defence Manufacturers Association. The DMA, now ADS, have refused to confirm the dates of the membership of ADS or DMA by Global Technical. Odd? Why?

We know that Gary Bolton was taken by the DMA to Parliament in 1999 to plead the case for export support for his new explosives detector product. We know that the DMA (now ADS) deny that they ever really knew what Bolton was selling, despite apparent miraculous claims for a radio aerial on a sort of pistol grip, and we believe Bolton demoing this at DMA events.

We know that The Royal Engineers assisted Gary Bolton in the promotion of the MOLE and subsequently the GT200 via carrying out demos at foreign events and possibly on UK soil, in uniform.

We know that Gary Bolton continued to use UK MOD and other official logos on his website, long after we had warned the UK Government in late 2008 via the defence Select Committee.

We know that all apparent active UK Government support for Gary Bolton and the GT200 ended in approximately 2004, or at least the records released by the MOD/Foreign Office/ DESO/Royal Engineers so far suggest this.

This raises the suspicion that someone or some people in the UK Defence/Government circles suddenly realised that the MOLE/GT200 was a crock of shite back in 2004 ish or possibly a bit later?

We know that the majority of sales of the GT200 took place after 2004. No doubt corrupt buyers in overseas markets e.g. Mexico and Thailand might claim that apparent UK Government and Military support for Bolton and Global Technical was instrumental in persuading them to buy. Obviously large bribes would not have helped to dissuade them! Ho Ho Ho!!

Anyway, what if one or more UK Government/MOD etc people did realise at some stage that the GT 200 was doo doo, before we warned the Defence Select Committee in late 2008 why didn't they say something?

Had they done so then maybe much grief may have been avoided!

But then this theory of mine may just be a load of old cobblers? What do you think?

What's worse. If you did not know already, McCormick who was charged over the ADE651 variant of the fraud used to work with Bolton on the MOLE/GT200.

They fell out and went off with the two major selling strands of the fraud. So, if Bolton had been stopped earlier, maybe, just maybe. McCormick might have as well.

Funny that Major General Alan Sharman (retd) and Brinley Salzmann (DMA now ADS Executive) who both were with Bolton at that 1999 Parliamentary hearing tried to lie about what was in fact on public record in Hansard? Odd?

You decide! But if there is anything to this theory of mine, you can be sure we will nail it down one way or the other!

All best!


Anonymous said...

What is or has been the role of Cumberland Industries in this ?

Peter said...

Good question! Cumberland were an agent for the ADE651. While there were UK offices registered to Cumberland, it was really part of the Lebanese connection regarding the sales to Iraq as we understand. We expect more details to emerge at the trial. But the main Iraq sales conduit was always Prosec and General Hadji Georgiou. We think Cumberland may have simply been a front company.