Monday, 15 April 2013


While we wait, and hope, to see if the trial of James McCormick will finally conclude this week, we are also waiting for more information on the case of Elodia Ghinescu in Romania. You may remember reading two of my recent posts on this case, where the ADE651 was used (and of course failed) to try to locate her body.

In the press coverage from Romania, the case has raised important questions as to who there was responsible for purchases of the ADE651. At least three Romanian Government Ministries are implicated, and there are calls for an urgent investigation.

As part of that investigation we think the Romanian authorities should have some interesting questions for Stelian Ilie at Mira Telecom.

After we conducted a campaign by email to inform business partners of Mira Telecom about their involvement with McCormick and the ADE651, Stelian Ilie wrote an open letter claiming that Mira Telecom had terminated their relationship with McCormick in March 2010. This was most interesting because up to the point when he released that letter, he had been vigorously defending that relationship and the ADE651, both directly and indirectly (including various Romanians, who we believe were employees of Mira, adopting pseudonyms, and posting comments supportive of the ADE651 on Youtube and elsewhere).

Now, bringing all this into context of the trial of McCormick, and the Elodia Ghinescu case, two big questions for Mira Telecom:

1. If Mira Telecom terminated their relationship with McCormick in 2010, how and why did they provide a witness for the defence at the trial of McCormick?

This witness (who appeared via video link from Romania) claimed that the ADE651 worked well, but had to be warned by the Judge for being coached by someone off camera as to what to say.

2. If Mira Telecom terminated their relationship with McCormick in 2010, why was the ADE651 still being used as late as 2012 in the search for the body of Elodia Ghinescu?

You can see a copy of the letter that Stelian Ilie of Mira published in February 2011, where he claimed that Mira stopped working with McCormick in 2010, at the blog of Techowiz
HERE . (We know that part of the reason why Stelian Ilie wrote this letter was that at least one company in the U.K. stopped dealing with Mira Telecom as a result of our email campaign. Please note his threat of legal action against us for 'calumny', which strangely never materialised! Well Stelian, here is some more calumny for you!)

During the trial of McCormick, invoices were produced that showed that Mira Telecom were one of at least four different companies that were invoiced for ADE651 units which were subsequently shipped to Iraq. It has long been questioned why McCormick did not sell direct to the Iraqis, and whether there were any irregularities in those deals i.e. were Iraqi officials bribed to buy the ADE651? We understand there are ongoing investigations into those purchases in Iraq, and have previously reported that we have heard Major General al Jabiri (who signed off on the largest orders) is serving a prison sentence for irregularities in the purchase procedures).

We believe that at least some of the money McComick made from sales of the ADE651 to Iraq may still be in Romania. As we have previously reported, records in Romania show that at one time McCormick bought shares in Mira Telecom, and was a Director of one of the Mira companies.

We hope to bring you much more interesting news on investigations in Romania. Meanwhile, we would like to say "HELL - O to Stelian."

P.S. At the trial of McCormick it emerged that the Romanian authorities used the ADE651 in advance of a visit to Romania by President Bush. Perhaps they didn't like him very much.

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