Wednesday, 1 January 2014


Hello and a happy New Year to our faithful readers. Well, not all of them! The ones that don't deserve a happy New Year know who they are.

2013 was a mixed year for the Fake Explosives Detectors Campaign. Naturally we celebrated the convictions and jailing of James McCormick (ADE651) and Gary Bolton (GT200). Hope you are enjoying your surroundings boys. Of course, we await the Proceeds of Crime actions against these two, and hope that they will be unable to comply, hence allowing them to spend even more time at Her Majesty's pleasure (i.e. in prison), given that the Judge was sadly limited in the sentences he could hand out.

On the down side we saw another of the crooks, Simon Sherrard (ALPHA6) manage to convince a jury he was innocent of fraud. A crying shame! This year will see the re-trial of his partners, Sam and Joan Tree. We will of course report on that, subject to reporting restrictions.

Other bad news included reports of ongoing use of the ADE651 in Iraq, and the GT200 in Mexico, even after the convictions of McCormick and Bolton. Just goes to show what a mad World we inhabit.

Sadly we have yet to see any action in Germany against David Vollmar and Frank Trier at Unival, where they are still selling the entirely useless HEDD1 (formerly known as Sniffex). We hold out hope that they will eventually be rounded up. Of course, Yuri markov, who invented Sniffex, and managed to evade prosecution for fraud in the U.S. by running away back to Bulgaria may have been a bit worried that one of his co-conspirators was jailed in the U.S., some 7 years after the Sniffex case blew up. We still hope the FBI will seek to extradite Markov.

There are so many loose ends to the fake detectors fraud, but after nearly five and half years of our campaign, at least we can be grateful for some progress against this despicable trade.

Naturally we salute our old friend Techowiz, and wish him a great New Year. Hoping to be sharing a drink or two with him again soon.

Will leave it there for now, but you may be sure this is not the last you have heard from us.

Au revoir. 

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