Friday, 31 January 2014

¿Habla usted español

If you do you might be interested in this interview from Mexico.

In the interview Luis Mochan, a Phyiscs Professor at Instituto de Ciencias Físicas, UNAM, speaks to the journalist Carmen Aristegui, about the role of the UK Government in helping to promote the GT200.

Luis has been working hard to end the use of the GT200 and the ADE651 in Mexico. We hope the coverage that he is getting will finally make the Government in Mexico see some sense and stop the use of these useless devices once and for all.

Hopefully it will also cause further embarrassment to the UK officials responsible for helping Gary Bolton sell the GT200. This despite the fact that a Home Office report was circulated in Whitehall in 2001 that warned these devices were not capable of the claims made for them. 

The information that Luis is speaking about is from the article in The Guardian (see THE GUARDIAN FOLLOWS UP)

Here is the interview with Luis:

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