Friday, 7 February 2014

Latest from Lebanon

Recent reports suggest that the ADE651 is still in use in Lebanon, sadly. And guess what? It still does not work.

Captain Zod, of Zod Security has tried very hard to bring attention to the fact that the ADE651 does not and can not work, and puts lives at risk.

As anyone who follows the news form Lebanon, it is plagued by bombings by various groups, so effective security measures are very much needed.

The following link includes a report from LBC1 television in Lebanon. The report is in arabic, and I am sorry that I do not have a translation. Essentially the reporter manages to get past various checkpoints using the ADE651 with explosives, weapons and ammunition in his car. Just the sort of things that should be detected.

This is followed by the presenter interviewing Captain Zod. The interview mentions the fraud conviction of James McCormick. I am told that Captain Zod goes on to discuss proper techniques for detection of explosives.

If any of our readers speak arabic and can let us have more details from the report we would be grateful.

The report starts at 19:05

Well done to Captain Zod for his efforts to put an end to this fraud!

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