Friday, 1 August 2014


I am sure you will join me in celebrating the guilty verdicts against Samuel and Joan Tree. See news reports below.

These verdicts are particularly pleasing because Samuel Tree was responsible for bringing the scam to the U.K. from the U.S. in the form of the Quadro Tracker (along with one Malcolm Roe, who we understand may be dead).

Tree and Roe introduced the Quadro Tracker to Gary Bolton (convicted of fraud last year over the GT200 variant of the 'detector').

The Quadro Tracker was then renamed MOLE. At some stage it seems Tree, Roe and Bolton fell out, and then Bolton hooked up with James McCormick (convicted last year over the ADE651 variant). Tree then when on to hook up with Simon Sherrard of Comstrac to make and sell the Alpha 6 variant, with substantial orders in Thailand, Mexico and Lebanon.

Of course, Bolton and McCormick fell out and went their own ways with the GT200 and ADE651.

So you could say that Tree is the root of all this evil, and all the branches of the U.K. end of this fraud stem from him. Well, now he will take his leave of us for a while in prison, and I hope his sentence will reflect his central role in the scandal.

That makes five of the six defendants in these fraud cases who have been convicted (the other being Anthony Williamson with his XK-9 variant). Regrettably, incredibly and sadly Simon Sherrard was found not guilty. He must be feeling very lucky today, but you never know when and how he might yet come a cropper. Perhaps the Police will be able to get the Trees to drop him in it, and a retrial with new evidence would then be on the cards. Let's hope so!

So, raise a glass tonight and wish them all the best in jail. They are a delightful couple, aren't they!

P.S. What a nice guy Sam must be! To allow his wife to go down with him.

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