Sunday, 5 October 2014


Some of our dear readers may recall a previous post detailing the latest developments in Romania. It seems that despite the conviction of their old friend Jim McCormick on charges of fraud, Mira Telecom just cannot give up on the idea of making dirty money from fake detectors.

Having worked with McCormick on the ADE651, Mira Telecom and their tame mad Professor Apostol have gone on to develop their own variant of the fraud, the MEXD (complete with flashing lights). See previous post HERE

Now we have reports from Romania that Stelian Ilie at Mira Telecom is having some success selling this garbage to the Romanian security services. Well, if they are stupid enough, or corrupt enough to buy this garbage, let's hope that they get themselves blown up while using them. Sadly innocent people may also get blown to smithereens if they rely on this nonsense.

If anyone can let us have more information about this please feel free.

Finally, for now, a message for Stelian Ilie. One of these days your criminal activities will come back to bite you on your stupid arse. Oh, and a message for Professor Apostol. You are one dumb idiot!


Anonymous said...

Hello Peter,

What about this project? looks like mira telecom likes too much the explosive action. Would you think their partners know about the former experience of Stelian with explosives and more than that with detectors?


Peter said...

Dear Anonymous,

Thank you for the tip off. Seems Stelian Ilie just cannot leave explosives detection alone. As you say, whoever is funding this project should know about the not so stellar record of Stelian Ilie with so called detectors. I wonder if the 'genius' Professor Apostol is involved? We will look into this in more detail as soon as possible. If you have any more useful info please do let me know, either by a comment here, or via email.

I wonder if the new development will have flashing lights?


Anonymous said...

One more anonymous tip ;)

Finally Stelian managed to get together a detector with lights and buttons. I am curious to see how far this gets