Tuesday, 10 November 2015


Or how the fake detector scam explodes into life again. What a Sharm! Or should that be SHAM?

Oh how much safer tourists in Egypt must be feeling now the news is out that a super duper 'detector' is in use at hotels to keep the bombs away! 

Some of you may remember the first appearance of the C-FAST as a 'detector' for the HIV virus. See previous blog entry here - 


We here at Fake Detectors Central wonder who in Egypt is making dirty money from this emergency? Could any members of their brave armed forces be involved? Answers on a postcard to President Sisi please. 

We only hope that Dr. Essam Heggy has heard of this and will put an end to this nonsense as soon as possible, after he was instrumental in damning the C FAST when it first appeared.

Meanwhile, good luck to all those being so well protected by such a fine device! 

I regret to say that this news was published in newspapers that we do not like to link to here because they have a reputation for junk. However, if you search for C FAST and Sharm hotels no doubt you will find the story in all its glory.

Of course, if they don't find any explosives, they have definitely found some more gullible fools and some money for the immoral bastards who sell this sh1t!

We'll let you know if we hear more on this latest episode in the fake detectors saga, and await the usual excuses. Perhaps they will wheel out that oldie but goodie: It may not work but it'll deter the terrorists. Oh yeah! Like in Iraq you mean!

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