Monday, 19 January 2009


Thanks to the detective work of our friend Techowiz, yet another purveyor of super poop has emerged.

Now added to our list of fraudsters is ICSS UK Ltd, selling both the Alpha 6, and, new to us, the obviously amazing and literally incredible PSD-22.

With its claimed programmable cards it bears a striking resemblance to Fatty McCormicks ADE 651.

Included with your purchase, should you be as thick as poo to buy one, is a "special spray". The website does not specify what this is for. I am speculating that it is air freshener designed to remove the stench of their bullshit.

It also has a gold tipped antenna!! So now we have gold standard poo as well!! Oh yes, and "special gloves", presumably to keep the poo off your hands, or maybe prevent leaving fingerprints behind?

Well, ICSS UK Ltd, you have the honour of being added to our list of scammers and fraudsters, and we await your demise with eager anticipation.