Friday, 28 January 2011


Newsnight...Hip Hip Hooray.

If you haven't seen it yet (Jim, David, Gary et al, do follow the link I so kindly provide here...

Joy, rapture...I am on cloud 9 folks. The report has it all. Details of the main a*******s behind this scuzz trade in death.

Go Bob and Patrick (Stewart and Mercer) the M.P.s who are going to be stirring this up around Westminster. Go get 'em guys. And perhaps you can ask the Defence Select Committeee why this has taken so long when we informed them nearly two years ago about all this? Was someone already embarassed by the involvement of the Royal Engineers? Well, sure that will all be cleared up now, despite the MOD weasel words that the uniformed personnel who demoed it were not promoting it. Come on, you can do better than that guys!!

Anyway, such good news!! Beginning of the end I reckon. No hiding place now boys!!

Have attached a piccie of the wonderful John Wyatt of SDS who prromoted the HEDD 1 (formerly known as Sniffex Plus) on behalf of David Vollmar of Unival in Germany (who has managed to almost keep a straight face were it not for the You Tube clip on Techowizs blog !!)

Well John, your website claims you are a World renowned Counter Terrorism expert. Ho Ho. You're obviously not very good at detecting bullshit are you. Sitting there squirming to find words to try to cover up your stupidity. What a plonker!!

Here';s the text of my email to John Wyatt. Please enjoy! Like the bit about Hari Kiri!! I do!! LOL!!!!

Mr Wyatt,

I am Dubious Dick, one of the originators of the campaign here in the UK against fake bomb detectors.

Well, I watched your sorry performance on Newsnight last night. Desperate is how I would describe your pathetic efforts to defend your involvement with Vollmars scam.

Cambridge University, Sidney don't believe them.

Are you stark staring mad? I don't think so. You've just been caught with your trousers down, and a sorry sight it is.

Have you ever heard of the ideomotor effect? It's what dowsing is. Same fraud! Look it up if you don't know the science. "Intangible science". You said that!  Counter Terrorism expert, my bottom.

A disgrace to your former regiment is what you are mate! An effing bleeding scumbag is what you are. Along with Vollmar, McCormick, Bolton, and all the other scummers. And you've not heard the last of it. Business is going to go very wrong for you indeed. We will not stop till you are closed down and hopefully bamkrupt!

We've come this far and look at the others. McCormick on bail. Bolton on the run. The internet full of it. That's down to us boy, so you can see we don't mess around.

I'll be sending you a link to my blog shortly. Read it and weep. Just the beginning of your misery. Perhaps hari kiri is a thought. More honourable than seeing your family watch you go down...don't you think? Oh well, either way this is your Waterloo matey boy. Byeeeeeeee!

Love, Dubious Dickxx