Monday, 19 September 2011




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Take care, TCB

Oh (sock it to me, sock it to me,
sock it to me, sock it to me)
A little respect (sock it to me, sock it to me,
sock it to me, sock it to me)
Whoa, babe (just a little bit)
A little respect (just a little bit)
I get tired (just a little bit)
Keep on tryin' (just a little bit)
You're runnin' out of foolin' (just a little bit)
And I ain't lyin' (just a little bit)
(re, re, re, re) 'spect
When you come home (re, re, re ,re)
Or you might walk in (respect, just a little bit)
And find out I'm gone (just a little bit)
I got to have (just a little bit)
A little respect (just a little bit)

Thanks to the great Aretha Franklin!!! and hope she don't mind. RESPECT Aretha!
Here at the campaign we do sometimes ponder on this question?

The trouble is it is very hard to know sometimes!

You see, out there, on the streets, and in the battlefield, we have some extraordinarily brave men and women, doing their damndest to keep us safe. A big salute to all of them!

And a big raspberry to those who fail in their duty because they have been dumb as all F**K, or corrupt.

I know a man called Techowiz who has more cojones in his little finger than that lot put together. Yet he just does not get the recognition, respect, or deference from some he deserves! Yes, You know who. You naughty little boys and girls! To know of whom I speak GO WEST!

Back to the Guardian. Today, headline, was the story about the Attorney General, Dominic Grieve (Grievous Legal Harm?) potentially using the Official Secrets Act to force the Guardian to reveal its sources on the phone hacking scandal. Yeah right. use an act supposed to protect the Country to protect your own arse. Good move! NOT!

Now why would the Government and Police go after the wrong target? I BLOODY WONDER?! NOT!

Perhaps to cover up their own embarrassment for being so far up Rupert Murdochs arse he only had to fart and they did what he told them? Or because he was paying them? Either while in office, or soon after they left? Or because the Police were giving and selling stories to Murdoch and the gutter press for years? Or because the gutter press were blackmailing politicians and police if they had been caught being naughty with boys, girls or drugs? Or because they need to divert attention away from the expenses scandal and the fact that their mates have been getting lighter sentences for ripping off more than the rioters? Or because they may be liable for compensation?


Take your pick or add some!

Meanwhile Cameron and his cronies pontificate about a broken society where respect has been lost, and rioters arre mere criminals who need a good slap!

Well my friend David 'PR man' (code for professional bullshitter!) Cameron,and all your self-satisfied mates. There's an Augean stable to clean out buddy. AND YOUR NOT HERCULES, OR A REAL MAN! VCERTAINLY NOT ENOUGH FOR A REAL JOB! But some people will never give up and never give in! UNDERSTAND! (Colin, are you deaf at the back?)

Cameron et al. You all need a good slap. All round to Maxs then! Double quick!!