Monday, 14 January 2013

DO THEY NEVER LEARN? MIra Telecom at it again!

Once again credit to the eagle eyed Techowiz.

Some of you might recall that Mira Telecom were ever so close to James McCormick and the ADE651 (see previous posts).

Now Techowiz has discovered a photo on the Flickr account of Mira Telecom where someone from that company is giving a presentation of the DKL Lifeguard. For those of you not familiar with that incredible product, it is a discredited and useless device that claims to be able to find people in say collapsed buildings.

After Mira ended their involvement with McCormick and the ADE651 after we hounded them, you would have thought that they might have thought twice before supporting another bogus product. But no, Stelian Ilie seems to be a sucker for punishment.

See here for the evidence (P.S. To Stelian, if you remove the photo I have copied the page).

This picture was taken in June 2012!

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