Tuesday, 20 August 2013


It is with great joy and jubilation that I bring you the news that Gary Bolton has been sentenced to 7 years in prison following his conviction on fraud charges related to his making and selling the fake Mole and GT200 detectors.

See BBC report HERE

I was hoping he might get the full ten years that James McCormick received, but I suppose we must be happy that he was convicted and did not manage to con the jury that he was a sweet, innocent.

More news to follow as we receive it.

Trebles all round!

And to Gary, you got what you deserved you scum.


Ben Jones said...

Is there any chance that the authorities will set about confiscating the proceeds of his crime?

Ben Jones said...

Is that any chance that the authorities will set about confiscating his proceeds of crime?

Peter said...

Hi Ben,

We look forward to an action under the Proceeds of Crime legislation. Let's just hope he has not managed to hide any.

We are also working on pushing for compensation claims from victims, which will hopefully add to his discomfort.

As and when we hear anything on these issues we will try to let you know. For now I think we can rejoice that he is going to have plenty of time to wallow in his own misery.


Anonymous said...

I have to say you really do have far too much time on your hands, I think I should correct you on few points
1, mr boltons company did not sell this item to any country that is fighting terrorism
2, the maximum sentence that could have been issued was 7 years due to money involed, but I am sure an intelligent guy like you would know
3, and finally another fact no country that bought the device has actually complained about the product, and frankly anyone spending this sort of money on a product like this should have tested for themselves

I hope that you will be able to fill your days now, what will you write about next,

Peter said...

Dear Anonymous,

Is that you Carly?

Thank you so much for your comments, which give me the chance to correct you.

You say I have too much time on my hands. Well, delighted to be able to spend my time helping to put an end to despicable frauds like the GT200. In fact, I can safely say it has been my distinct pleasure to do so. And it makes me laugh to think just how much time Gary now has to contemplate his crimes!

1. You claim that the GT200 was not sold to countries fighting terrorism. You dumb mofo! Yhailand not fighting terrorism? Mexico not fighting terrorism? Think you need to get yourself an education before you make such ignorant comments!

Anyway, it doesn't really matter where he sold his crap. It is still crap and has caused much misery, including due to false arrests because of the inevitable false positives.

2. The maximum sentence may well be 7 years. An unintelligent idiot like you should know that it is very rare for anyone to get the maximum. and the fact that the hands of the Judge were tied to that maximum does not make it fair. 20 years would not have been too much for a scumbag like Gary.

3. OH NO! Not that old chestnut that no customers complained. The same ploy that McCormick tried. Well my little chickadee, let me explain again. First, customers who have been fooled or bribed into buying sh1t don't tend to complain as it may draw attention to their stupidity or criminality. Add to that the fact that Gary focused on countries with weak procurement procedures and rife with corruption, and I think you have your answer.

I am sure I will find plenty to do. After all, we still have to ensure that the GT200 and other variants of the swivelling fake detector fraud are no longer in use anywhere. There are a few other loose ends e.g. ensuring that all the money Gary and Jim made is found and confiscated, that need tying up as well, so I am sure I can keep myself busy. After that, sadly, there are plenty of other scams out there.

Any other comments, please feel free. By the way, I see you have been deleting comments on your youtube account, including the acceptance of your challenge to journalists by Meiron Jones at the BBC. Why not contact him? I am sure he would be happy to interview Gary in prison.

Ta Ta For Now,

Anonymous said...

You really are stupid no I am not named carly, I am assuming this is some poor person you have been harassing, try getting a proper job and no I am not an idiot which I doubt you would have the guts to call me face to face,

Its simple stupid, anyone that buys a product without testing it must have attended the same school as you

Peter said...

Hello again Anonymous. Great to hear from you again!

Well, if you are not Carly then you are still a dumbarse supporter of Bolton and the fraudulent detectors.

I sure would have the guts to call you an idiot face to face. Want to name the time and place?

Did you check out whether there is any terrorism in Thailand or Mexico, or perhaps Pakistan, or India, or Egypt i.e. other places where Bolton sold his sh1t? Whaddya reckon? Still say he didn't sell anywhere with terrorist problems? You complete moron!

Remember now, just name your time and place. I am sure we can arrange a get together.


Anonymous said...

Thanks Peter, I would love to meet just send me your address and I will pay you a visit

Peter said...

Dear Anonymous,

I think we'll make it on neutral ground. How about Trafalgar Square? I will be visiting London in a couple of weeks time.

Fair enough?

By way, made your mind up whether there is any terrorism in Thailand, Mexico, Egypt, Pakistan or India? Or are you still maintaining that Bolton did not sell to places where terrorism occurs? Boy, if you had a second brain cell you might be worth tuppence, you dopey numpty.

Observer said...
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