Sunday, 12 January 2014


Pleased to report that The Gnome Business Awards for 2013 (Private Eye Number 1357 10 - 23 Jan 2014) Crook Of The Year is James McCormick.

To quote Private Eye, "The most odious in the award's history...who made £50m selling fake bomb detectors to the gullible and corrupt of Iraq ([i]and elsewhere of course[/i]). McCormick, jailed for 10 years, edged out former partner Gary Bolton, who used the same con in less dangerous countries and was jailed for seven years."

Well deserved I would suggest!


Anonymous said...

Are they at it again?

Peter said...

Thanks for that link. We don't thik so. Best guess is that this is an old web page. In fact, the product shown is a genuine scanner, which they also tried to sell. Just rebadged as ADE.