Wednesday, 7 September 2011


Ve haf our sources...No not tomato!!!

We have learned a most interesting thing. I confess we have sources in a number of places who are equally upset about the trade in fake explosives detectors that has cost many lives, many limbs, much grief and heartache, much damage and loss to property, and much gain to the corrupt feckers who sold them (see below ad nauseam!)

We have learned that Police sources in the UK have claimed that the campaign we have been running for over three years against the disgusting British companies who sold these frauds knowingly, has hindered their investigations. HO HO HO HO HO HO HO HO HO HO HO HO HO HO HO HO HO HO HO HO

LMAO. ROFL. LMDO (work it out!). Well, ironically anyway!!

Let us make this plain. Without this campaign and its leading light, the authorities in this country would know virtually nothing about the perpetrators of this murderous trade. And what have those authorities achieved in over 3 years. Apparently virtually NOTHING! Except of course some wild goose chasing, or arsehole gazing.

What has the campaign achieved in this time? Answers below or on a postcard please.  In contrast to the authorities and their claims of us hindering them. PLONKERS!

1. Seriously disrupted the business of the criminals involved in selling these fake devices at ludicrously inflated prices in countries where bribery and corruption are rifer than here.

2. Had the perpetrators twisting and turning trying to respond to, or legally threaten ,  or even at times cajole us into backing off. We have gathered reams of evidence of their lies, and their distortions, and their pathetic attempts to justify themselves. But best of all to contradict themselves into knots so tight there should be no escape. Except of course from the keystone cops!!! Ho Ho!!

3. Got the main perpetrators clearly identified. Their connections clearly identified. Where their money is largely pointed out.



The guilty parties are James McCormick and Gary Bolton, and all their associates who either corruptly or through greed or sheer stupidity aided and abetted the sales of these entirely useless devices, and have cost many lives! YOU ABSOLUTE FECKERS! NOW YOU OTHER FECKERS, HERE'S MY MESSAGE.

GET THE RIGHT PEOPLE OR WE WILL GET YOU.  GEDDIT!! GOTTIT!! GOOD!!! As my old Headteacher used to say. If not one would get the cane. Anyone for a beating? We'll bloody 'ave you eventually!!