Friday, 6 January 2012


Today we will focus again on the way that Gary Bolton (Global Technical Ltd and the GT200 fraud detector) managed to worm his way into the heart of the British Defence Establishment and Government.

As an avid follower of this blog no doubt you already know how the Defence Manufacturers Association (DMA) welcomed Gary to its bosom (the tits!). Of course, the DMA is now called the ADS.

You will also be familiar with the fact that both Brinley Salzmann (pictured and now Export Director of the ADS) and Major General Alan Sharman (retd), ex-Director of the DMA took Gary Bolton with them to Parliament to moan about the lack of support for exports of his fraudulent device.

You will recall how Salzmann and Sharman have lied about that meeting i.e. that the GT200 was not raised at the Parliamentary Committee. It is now a matter of record that they have tried to squirm out of any responsibility for helping Bolton sell his death trap fake detector around the World.

Well, we have been investigating this further. Brinley Salzmann, what an unimpressive insignificant little toe rag he really is. We think that the British Defence Industry needs someone a tad more impressive to represent it around the World. Not some petty little bureaucrat/apparatchik. Maybe an ex-Military man or woman who would have some credibility with Military and Government buyers around the World, and certainly not a little shit like Brinley, who helped Bolton sell his shite, and now does and says nothing about it. Except of course to lie and cover up his stupidity and that of his old boss Sharman (plus others involved in this scandal).

Take a look at the link below. An interview with Salzmann. Does he impress you with his lip licking, lickspittle performance. If you were a serious military man looking at buying British, would you be impressed by this pathetic little creature?

We hope not!

So Brinley, time to become a man and condemn your own stupidity, and that of others like Sharman. Doesn't seem likely he will get some cojones now, but one can always hope. Maybe he will have a twinge of conscience about his lies, and his assistance to Bolton. Wake up and realise that real men admit their mistakes, and take the consequences. We have given you a chance before. Here's another chance to make good. Just think about all those bloody dead bodies you helped create. Just think of all those destroyed families, limbs and lives and suffering that you (yes, YOU BRINLEY THE BERK) are responsible for.

Just think of the corrupt waste of money that you and your mates like Sharman have a direct responsibility for.

Well, Brinley, time to clear off or come clean!! You worthless little man!

That super unimpressive interview with Brinley The Berk here.

And we still wonder why Bolton has not even been arrested yet?

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