Thursday, 22 March 2012


 A brief post to wish Carly Wickens, girlfriend of Gary Bolton, a very happy................

NO> Sorry I can't wish her a happy birthday. Why? Because she and Gary are off to the Maldives, presumably for a birthday trip for Carly.

So, we don't really have to wish her a happy birthday because she is already living the high life, with a low life.

We would like to know why a major fraudster is allowed to swan off on glamorous holidays? We would like to know why he has still to be arrested? Of course, selling tens of millions of dollars of fake explosives and drugs detectors, with the help of the British Government, and then the lack of action by the British Government, is not important is it?

Well, ask Shoun Huckabee, an American citizen, who was arrested and tortured in Mexico, on false claims of possession of drugs, basd on a false indication from the fraudulent GT200.

Or perhaps the families of those blown up in Thailand, while relying on the GT200?

Don't ask me. Ask them! WHY?

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Anonymous said...

Great work Peter keep up the pressure on these two. They will get whats coming to them soon enough.