Friday, 20 July 2012


We are waiting for more details, but it appears McCormick was released on bail on Friday 13th July. He had been remanded in custody on 11 July when charged at City of London Magistrates Court.

We understand McCormick made a rather staged attempt to support his original bail application by holding up proceedings while he left the Court to take medicine.

We understand he made a special application for bail to a Judge in Chambers, and that this was granted. We guessed this might happen after Gary Bolton, Simon Sherrard, Sam Tree, Joan Tree and Anthony Williamson were granted bail on 12/7 when they were charged over other variants of the fraud (see previous posts).

It is a shame that McCormick is in a position to hire an expensive lawyer, and to get out of jail before his trial. Still, life now will be a lot less comfortable, and we assume stringent bail conditions have been imposed on a man who almost certainly salted money away from the ADE651 sales in various places around the World (again, see previous posts).

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