Friday, 3 September 2010


DIOS MIO, DIOS MIO, DIOS MIO (Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear in Spanish)

Seems as if them pesky Mexicans have fallen for Jim McCormicks charms and bribes.


Now that would make a great headline, but of course, it isn't true. Only me having a little joke at the expense of Jim 'I'll have another tortilla or two' McCormick at ATSC, and his new best Mexican friends, whose pockets he will have lined to get the deal.

As we can see below, this sale hardly adds credibility to the buyers, McCormick, or the ADE 651. It is still a scam product that requires bribes to get sold, and where better than good old Mexico for willing participants in this type of commercial skulduggery.

Well, Jim. Can't take it away from you. You sure know your target markets.

And of course, you are just about to tell us when you are having independent testing carried out, aren't you! Whoops. Silly me. Of course you're not. Just me fantasising that one day you will wake up and smell the blood on your hands.

"When you look at Mexican development in the long run, the worrisome aspect is that there seems to be something holding Mexico back.... The report spends a lot of time trying to see what factors besides trade are limiting Mexico's capacity to catch up. One of the most glaring suspects in terms of the factors that are limiting Mexico's long term development seems to be issues related to its institutional capacity..... Especially in terms of the rule of law and the ability to control corruption, Mexico has maintained a rather large gap with respect to its North American partners. "-- Daniel Lederman,World Bank senior economist

Funny David at Unival in Germany with his SNIFFEX Europe or HEDD 1 (Heddcase1?) hasn't been on to us about his tests either. Why not David? And Gary Bolton at Global Technical with the GT200. Last time we heard no one could find you anywhere. In hiding are we? Ashamed of your con? Doubt it, but you will be! Just wait and see what's coming. You can never rest now you know!! What or who might be just around the corner?