Wednesday, 1 December 2010


For the sake of convenience and rigorous scientific approach, I have now classified various participants.

In the first classification, THE SCUM , are the main protagonists. Those who actively sell, or buy the fake explosives detectors using corrupt kickback payments. This is futher sub-divided into MAJOR SCUM and MINOR SCUM:

The MAJOR SCUM: James McCormick ATSC Ltd ADE651, Gary Bolton Global Technical Ltd GT200, David Vollmar Unival HEDD1 (previously Sniffex Plus), PROSEC, Mira Telecom

The MINOR SCUM:The sellers of the various other variants of the fake explosive detector down the years; The Quadro Tracker; The MOLE; The U.S. Sniffex; The PSD2; The Alpha 6.

These are classified as MINOR SCUM because they are either no longer on the market, or appear to have made little or no headway selling their SH1T.

Yeah, yeah I knows there's more but where do I stop. Please feel free to add others to a comment on this post. TA MUCH!

Now on to THE SLIME (as so well illustrated in the piccy!). SLIME is the classification for indirect supporters

Now we are looking at places where the SCUM promote their SCAM. First to be awarded SLIME status is Mr Andrew Fields of Copybook to be found at: Managing Director & CEO, Copybook Group of Companies 100 Chapel Street, Tiverton, Devon, EX16 6BU, UK
t: +44 (0) 1884 244 670 f: +44 (0) 1884 244 671 or

Andy thinks it is ok to promote the HEDD1 via his websites. Andy thinks that me informing him of his accessory to fraud status is "idle babble". Andy doesn't even care to ask David Vollmar at Unival for his so called test results. Andy doesn't care if innocent people or indeed members of the Armed Forces or Police are blown up because the HEDD1 cannot and will not work. Andy, my friend (ho ho), you are hereby pronounced guilty of fraud by association.

Sweet Dreams Andy! Maybe a few bloody body parts flying around. Or perhaps piles of corrupt cash?

P.S. I need another legal threat. Its been a couple of weeks since David Vollmar sent me his. I frame them on the wall and there is a space just for yours. Go on baby. Slap me with it!