Tuesday, 8 February 2011


Department of Business, Industry and Skills???

Well, the only skill I can see here is waffle.

Of course, the British Governement putting a complete Worldwide ban on exports would not send out a strong message. Of course, an official warning to all Governments would be a waste of time.

Really!! Well, to me it seems like the same problem as with the MOD. When we told them about the involvement of the Royal Engineers back in 2008/2009, they brushed it aside. Now we know why! Because they had been caught with their pants down supporting this load of old tripe. As we know they also got other support for exporting this quite obvious scam.

Well, now that Newsnight has stirred up hornets nest again, we expect to see a rather different reaction.

After all, all those old soldiers and sailors serving as politicians will not want to let this drop, since the fake detectors almost certainly put the lives of comrades at risk.