Tuesday, 9 August 2011

BOLTIN' BOLTON - And other merrye olde tales of merrye death


Just a very brief entry, and for those familiar with the geography of Great (not bloody always!) Britain, this is not about Bolton, Lancashire, although it could be about ten thousand holes...geddit? Oh, sorry, that should be Blackburn, Lancashire...I digress, back to the real damage. Yes my friends, real dead people, and people with missing bits, because some idiots decided to sell fraudulent explosive detectors, some idiots were fooled by them, some idiots were bribed to buy them, and now those who should be doing something about it are running around in ever decreasing circles, making themselves and this country look even dumber than usual,

No, this is our old mate Gary Bolton, and the big question; who is protecting him, and why has he not been hung, drawn and quartered? Look it up!

Never mind, this will never go away! Have no fear amigos!!

Too bleedin late mate!!

Too many dead and wounded, and yes Gary Bolton of GT200 fake explosives detector fame, that means you. Yes, you killed people, maimed them, blew their lives apart. YOU, you miserable piece of turd. Gonna sue me now? Yeah right. You chicken shit mofo. Come on boy. I'll take you on mano a mano anytime. In Court or out, and you lose either way, but you gotta come out haven't you?

Can't hide away like a worm all your life, with your name so soiled, can you? if so, you are worse than scum.

And the people who do nothing. What about you. yes, you know who you are. As bad? There is certainly a moral case for that view, and I can make it.

So, no more from me. Over to my friend and fucking hero:

and thanks to the indefatigable Lumpy Low for his credit on his ever important blog on the subject:
Heloo Jim boy. Sweat on mate!!!