Wednesday, 7 September 2011


Yes! I confess to having been entirely wrong. "That doesn't sound like the blogger we know and love", I hear you all shout...Read and weep folks.

When Rod Norland published his article in the New York Times about the $80 plus million dollars of the entirely useless ADE651 sales to Iraq in November 2009, I thought we would shortly see James McCormick of ATSC and Gary Bolton of Global Technical and the GT200, both arrested and charged. I thought our already more than year long campaign might be at an end soon.

When Newsnight broadcast their first two investigations in January and February 2010, I really believed it was End Is Nigh time for thesse delightful gentleman. In fact, when we heard of the arrest on corruption charges of General al Jabiri in Iraq for buying the ADE651, and the subsequent arrest of James McCormick (apparently in the usual Police style we now know of grabbing someone in response to media pressure, and then fouling up the case, despite all the help they could ever have wished for from us!!), I really believed it was as good as done and we could move on with the guilty done as well.

Was I right. HELL NO! How could I have foreseen that over three years since this campaign kicked off in thsi country, courtesy of the original exposes by James Randi at JREF (, nothing of substance has still apparently happened to McCormick, Bolton, or any of their associates in this fine upstanding country?

It does not stack up. Instead of arresting and charging McCormick and Bolton, the Police arrest the wrong man, yet again. It is absolutely, bleeding minbendingly unbelievably dumb of whoever is responsible. For a whole host of reasons I will not bore you with here. Suffice to say. We have the evidence, we have given you the evidence, and all you can do is feck about!! You know who I mean!!

In my next piece, Confession Number 2, I shall have more to say on the subject. Much More!!