Thursday, 5 January 2012


Was an early pioneer of the flushing lavatory. A marvellous contribution to sanitation.

What is he talking about? Well, as usual there is some reason to my rhyme.

First, we here at the Fake Explosives Detectors Campaign have been working hard to get rid of a load of old shite, in the form or persons of James McCormick, Gary Bolton and all the other sewage involved in the swivelling aerial fraud.

But there is a second reason. There is a design flaw in the u - bend flushing bog. It can get all blocked up.

As you know, we have been hammering away at the Police for some time to get them stirred into action to wipe away the turds. They have been painfully slow in getting to the bottom of these frauds, despite all the information we have provided.

However, there is another blockage in the U-Bend. The Crown Prosecution Service (shouldn't they be prosecuting the Crown with a name like that? What about that naughty boy Andrew for example?).

So keen are they to avoid risk that they seem to only want to authorise charging and prosecution of the blatantly obvious frauds if they get a signed confession from the fraudsters.

Funny though. If the political wind is blowing they seem to be able to get a move on. Of course, we have many questions as to why the political wind has not been blowing in the direction of the swivelling fraudsters who have enabled so much death and destruction. And as you know, we have reason to suspect that this may be to cover the embarrassment of the UK Government for having supported and promoted the fraud, and then apparently covered this up and said nothing.

Anyway. To the point. And to the Police and CPS. GET A BLOODY MOVE ON! Or you can kiss your arses good bye! That blockage in your u-bends is beginning to stink. Like the stench of rotten corpses!

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