Wednesday, 2 October 2013


I am saddened to have to pass on the latest report from Mexico, where it seems that, despite the conviction of Gary Bolton for fraud, the GT200 is still in use.

The corrupt and/or brain dead officials who bought these useless devices continue to defend their use to the bitter end. I suppose the alternative is to admit that they were bribed or stupid (or both), so perhaps we should not be surprised.

The latest reports of miscarriages of justice associated with the use of the GT200 also suggest that it is being used to repress political activists who campaign against corruption. Somewhat ironic!

We will be urging the U.K. Government to make every possible effort to persuade their Mexican counterparts to put an end to the use of the fake detectors. The least they can do, when, as we have pointed out before, the British Government helped Gary Bolton promote and sell his fraud.

So, here is the news from one of the campaign heroes, Dr Luis Mochan, who has been a staunch, brave and tenacious campaigner against the fake detectors:

A lawyer and human rights activist, Jesús Robles Maloof published today an article where, among other things, he describes how the GT200 was presented as evidence to arrest and imprison a blogger, accused of selling drugs, as recently as August the 8th! This happened in the state of Chiapas, in the south of Mexico, whose attorney general claimed a couple of days after Bolton's sentence that in Chiapas, the detectors do work. I had challenged him publicly some weeks ago to test them, but he hasn't taken the challenge, in contrast to the governor of the state of Colima, who did accept the challenge and later announced that his detectors indeed didn't work. Jesús Robles Maloof got his article translated into English and posted it at his blog

In other news, the annual report of the army was published in Septermber 1. Sadly, it does mention the GT200 as if it were in use, at least in 14 mobile checkpoints, without mentioning that it is worthless. I posted a copy in my blog (in Spanish). It seems that the corresponding report from the Navy refrained from mentioning the GT200.

It is pleasing to note that the Governor of Colima is reported as having come to his senses! See my earlier blog post  MARIO ANGUIANO - ANOTHER BLOODY FOOL

If it is true that he has put a stop to the use of the GT200 in his state then we must be magnanimous and say thank you, and well done. Perhaps he is not such a fool after all. Those who are prepared to admit they were wrong and take action to correct their mistakes deserve praise, and set a good example to others.

The title of BLOODY FOOLS now passes to the Governor and the Attorney General of the State of Chiapas

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