Thursday, 3 October 2013


Well, actually I do, because very little surprises me these days. After reports that the GT200 is still in use in Mexico, now we travel back to Iraq.

See below for a report in The Independent highlighting the fact that the ADE651 is still in use there.

Of course, the continued use of fake detectors results in the loss of more lives and the suffering of others who are torn to bits by the bombs. Oh how the terrorists must be laughing at how easy it all is. 

The report includes the suggestion from some Iraqi security force personnel the fake detectors might act as a deterrent. This was always a super stupid idea. It may have held true for about ten seconds, a few years back, but now? Even it were true it would be no excuse for wasting money on junk.

The report also suggests that the ongoing use of the ADE651 in Iraq is due to vested interests. A point we have been making for some time i.e. the corrupt and/or stupid officials responsible for buying into the fraud simply cannot be seen to agree that they are useless because that would be an admission of guilt. The fact that even the Prime Minister, al Maliki, was quoted earlier this year defending the ADE651 would suggest that his pal the Interior Minister at the time of the purchases bunged him some of the proceeds of the kickbacks.

Anyway, here is the piece from The Independent:

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