Wednesday, 29 January 2014


In case you did not see the most recent comment from one of our anonymous contributors, I thought it might be a good idea to bring it to your attention.

First, here is the comment:

'Hey there, it looks like Mira Telecom is not getting the idea that the nonsense of the ADE651 is not working. They are researching some rescue equipment that include 'portable units that will be carried by rescuers to improve detection and help them locate the victims'. What would you people think this portable equipment could look like from Stelian's POV.

The actual facilities that were visited are the ones built by EU funding as one can read from the big poster at the entry

I do believe that the good people from rescuecell would like to know more about the history of Mira Telecom in the 'detection' industry'

Since Mira Telecom and their boss Stelian Ilie have a long record of involvement with fake detectors including the ADE651, AL-6D and DKL Lifeguard, we wonder if their contribution to the rescuecell project might be one of those dodgy devices? Perhaps the DKL Lifeguard which purports to be able to detect bodies in disaster situations e.g. damaged buildings. Of course, just like the ADE651 and AL-6d, the DKL Lifeguard is useless.

Perhaps the partners of Mira Telecom in the rescuecell project should review whether Mira make a good company to be involved with. 

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