Friday, 11 February 2011



In case you had forgotten just what a charming and handsome man David Vollmar of Unival and HEDD1 fame is, I thought I would bring you a reproduction of his delightful visage. Isn't he lovely?

NO. He's an f'ing crim just like the rest of the swivelling aerial merchants.

So, expect you will be pleased to hear about a small blow against him and his frankly laughable attempts to pretend HEDD1 (formerly known as Sniffex Plus) is different and actually works!! Ha bloody ha David. Blown up people are so darned funny...NOT!

Right, back to the point before I start one of my famous rants.

Seems David has managed to seed a lot of publishers (online and traditional) with puffery about Unival and the useless HEDD1 (sorry, forgot to say hello to John Wyatt 'Twerp' of SDS, an ex-soldier with not an ounce of honour!)

Anyhow, I contacted Nicolas von Kospoth of Defence Professionals

More recently we decided to send Nicolas a link to Newsnight. SUCCESS. See below the latest emails between us. The net is closing in on Vollmar just as it is with five bellies Jim McCormick, and Gary Bolton (The Geezer), plus others. YES> Wake up at the back of the class John Wyatt! Some other names I can't mention are also well in the frame. So, the good news keeps coming.

Now for those emails (bet you can't wait):

Nicolas to me:
Dear Roger,
Based on the information provided by the BBC, defence.professionals GmbH decided not to renew the advertisement contract with unival group GmbH. Further, all advertisement for the unival group at has been removed.
We will not delete the article that you repeatedly commented, as this does not represent biased advertisement for products of the unival group but, rather, supports the findings of BBC of early 2010. As you may have noticed, we endorse in this article that any fraud in this highly sensitive matter is an unacceptable criminal act.
Again, we emphasise that defence.professionals GmbH does not support any technologies or attempts to sell technologies that are a fraud and put lives at risk in an irresponsible way.
For any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us at your convenience.
Best regards
Nicolas-Christoph von Kospoth
| defence.professionals GmbH |

My reply:
Dear Nicolas,
I am of course delighted to hear of the action you have taken. Congratulations on doing the right thing! It is not often that decency beats money, so you deserve credit.
Now, we are in a position where you can go further and make a real difference. We have been extremely surprised at the apparent lack of interest in Unival by the German authorities to date. We have previously sent warnings to the German Embassy in London and the Bundestag defence Committee.
If you were to publish a critical article and a call for official action e.g. export ban and investigation, then that may help to build pressure against this frankly disgusting trade. Markov who we believe introduced the Sniffex into Europe, knew full well it was a fraud. We know all the main players knew. Calling a fair test unfair after the event when you have agreed to do it, is the classic sign of a conman.
So, I do hope you will take it a step further. The problem with the article is that it still gives a lot of space to Vollmars waffle and can leave the impression that the HEDD1 is indeed something better and more effective than the other versions of this fraud. That is plainly not true so I am hoping that you will try to ensure that editorially you do indeed have the correct and clear position.
Once more, thank you for responding to this. You may feel it has all been a pain in the backside, but I assure you that every action, however small, against these criminals is one step further towards a more rational World. A damn good objective I am sure you will agree!
Yours sincerely,