Thursday, 8 September 2011


We'll start with one of our favourite pictures from the rogues gallery. here we have from left to right: Dragos Basmaluta, CEO Mira Telecom, Stelian Ilie, Head of Mira Telecom, Mrs General Pierre Hadji Georgiou, James McCormick of ATSC, and General Pierre Hadji Georgiou of Prosec in Lebanon. So, just to be clear before we begin, this is a picture of McCormick, who is as yet un charged for his fraudulent business, with two of his main associates together. The poster next to them is for the ADE651 and is marketing material from Prosec.

Following on from Techowizs latest blog piece with very amusing cartoon!! HERE: would like to add this:

We would like to highlight that the letter from Stelian Ilie CEO of Mira (see Techo blog article) was the result of the campaign actively attacking his business.

Specifically we know that James McCormick of ATSC and ADE651 fame established close relationships with Mira Telecom (an apparently otherwise respectable mobile phone infrastructure outfit based in Romania  ...well, apart from Romania always rings warning bells!)

We know that Mira Telecom were marketing the ADE651 and we know they sold units to Constanza Airport, and possibly elsewhere. We know that McCormick invested in Mira and was a Director of at least a subsidiary of the holding company.

We know that the relationship was close. McCormick was pictured at the Mira holiday home in Austria.

We therefore know that McCormick invested some of his bloody millions from Iraq in Mira in Romania. The records show this.

The campaign attacked in a number of ways. Techo went after the media in Romania and succeeded in getting a couple of exposes published there.

Others sent out copious emails to suppliers and business partners of Mira around the World. We know that this resulted in a number of suppliers and partners terminating realtionships with Mira because of the clear and ongoing involvement with McCormick and the ADE651.

We know that we warned Stelian as early as very early 2009 about the ADE651 and McCormick. We know he got these warnings because he responded, more than once, with, amongst other bluster and bullshit, hollow legal threats (see again his letter on Techos blog. I believe this was our third or fourth legal threat from Stelian over three years. We have still heard nothing! May I also remind you of our other so far unseen legal threats from Chuck Christensen, H3Tec, Utah; David Vollmar, Unival Germany and his HEDD1 aka Sniffex; Diodebell and theirAL-6D; James McCormick; and Gary Bolton of Global Technical).

So, even at his own admission the relationship between Mira and James McCormick ended in March 2010. So he admits that it existed! We believe this was more like October 2010. and he fails to mention when the relationship started! Nor does he justify their clear and close involvement with promotion of the ADE651 despite all calls for them to verify its validity independently at least! The same challenge we continue to offer up to all the charlatans, knowing they cannot accept!!

So, unlike some others we could mention, we have seriously disrupted a significant arm of the McCormick empire via an internet campaign. We should add that we have notified Romanian authorities repeatedly. We hope one day they may wake up too!!