Tuesday, 24 May 2011


The law works (or does not!) in mysterious ways my friends.

I hate to give comfort to the real criminals here, but it seems our wonderful rozzers (that's another word for police) are managing to do so, so why not me...

I have not been able to say too much until now, but I am now mighty riled and enough is enough.

Let me remind everyone that the purpose of this blog is to see the perpetrators and supporters of the fake detectors scams are brought to justice for their murderous and stupid behaviour.

Let me remind you that the two main culprits in the UK are James McCormick and Gary Bolton. Look them up if you don't know the story already!!

Now I have to report that the Avon and Somerset Police have wasted taxpayers money, failed to take action against James McCormick of ADE651 fame, and have managed to arrest and bail their main witness for the prosecution against McCormick. DOH and double DOH boys and girls in Avon and Somerset. You have really made a mess of this one!

Not only that but today they decided to exercise a warrant to search the home of the main witness against McCormick. The Avon and Somerset Police are making a pigs ear of this.

I cannot emphasie enough just how stupid the Avon and Somerset Police have been. We have questioned why they have been so impotent in dealing with a criminal as blatant as McCormick.

Funny! Ain't it. When we publish critical blog pieces the Avon and Somerset Police decide the right target is the whistleblower. What the hell is wrong with them?