Monday, 16 May 2011


No wonder we call our Police PLOD! Or the Forces of Law and Disorder....

Definition of PLOD:  To move or walk heavily or laboriously; trudge: "donkeys that plodded wearily in a circle round a gin" (D.H. Lawrence).

As always, our good friend and stalwart Techowiz, gets to the heart of the matter. In his latest blog piece he questions what the hell the Avon and Somerset Police and The City of London Police are doing dithering over arresting and charging those accessories to mass murder, James McCormick and Gary Bolton. SO DO I?

We have wondered before if the UK Government would prefer this whole thing to go away because of embarrassment at lack of previous official action against these fraudsters and killers, and even previous UK Government support to help promote exports of these ridiculous so called explosives detectors that are no more than useless dowsing rods (don't get me started folks, DOWSING FOR ANYTHING CANNOT AND DOES NOT WORK!).

The record shows that we warned the Defence Select Commitee and specifically James Arbuthnot MP about this back in 2008/2009. Despite a few lettters flying about as a result, nothing much happpened until the BBC Newsnight investigation in Jan and Feb 2010 ruffled a few feathers and we got the apparently almost grudging, and way too late ban on exports to Iraq and Afghanistan (apparently only the lives of British forces mattered!). The prats in Government though that this partial ban was all they could really do. Is the Government worried about having to pay compensation to Mexico and Thailand where sales of Boltons GT200 appear to have been made on the backing of apparent British Government and military support? SO WHAT! Compensation should be paid for the stupidity of the British officials who allowed this patent scam to fool them!

We have since had another BBC Newsnight investigation in January this year, and still no action. Seems even Iraqi justice moves faster than British, since they have arrested General al Jabiri on corruption charges related to the purchase of the ADE651, and the Interior Ministry was obliged to return $20 Million USD to the Iraqi Treasury as a result. If they can arrest a buyer, why the hell can't we arrest the sellers?

It is frankly pathetic and we will be demanding answers. So, anyone who would like this to go away, and no doubt that would include Bolton and McCormick, you had better think again. We have not been campaigning on this issue for over 2 years, and seen so many deaths, injuries, loss of property and waste of money, to just let this go. It has been a saga or corruption, fraud and sheer stupidity, and has cost lives.